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  • Scott, I heard you are working for MMP. Congratulations and hope you like the work. I assume your well trained employees are keeping the Gamer's Armory up and running well. How often to you get home. Excuse the personal questions. Ray

    Your PM mail box is over-flowing.

    Let me know when you get in some more Friendly Fire stuff (#3, #4, #6, #7).

    Also, Dezign Pack 7 from ESG guys.


    "I remember the first time I walked into Zocchi Distributors down in Gulfport. Gamer's dream world. Huge warehouse of games by the case....."

    Used to go regularly around 1990-91. Every time I went to the beach I stopped in there and picked up a game or a dozen. :D
    Mr. Hutton, Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well! Do you know when you are shipping out? I know of a great RB scenario, Ghosts in the Rubble, we should try it!:D

    We should try to get a scenario one day/night before you are deployed. We will have to look at schedules.

    Hey whats up Scott, we should link up to play before the Bitter Ender...I dont know if Uncle sam is going to give me enough off time to participate. We are getting ready to go to one of the stans again, You know, Afganistan,Iraqistan,Pakistan,Iranistan..
    Merry Christmas to you and your Family! Our Packers have not given us much to cheer about the last month or so. I just hope they show up this weekend, I'd hate to lose to Detroit!
    Hi Scott, I would like a LFT Cellar 3 pack w/COUNTERS but I'm off again out of town. I hope you will still have one available come 1 August:)
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