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  • Hi Peter, you tried to get in contact with me? So I try to answer here😏
    I sent you a personal message.....hope you got it.....
    "True. This Hakkaa Paale and Festung Budapest just roll off the conveyor belt without any quality checks."

    snicker again
    Hi Peter, hope you and Liz are well and enjoying Canada.

    Please let chris Mazzai know I'd like to play asl in Basel on Saturday 11 feb.

    He can reach me at 646-226-1634 or pauls838@gmail.com

    "LOL they made it easy for you this time Psycho"

    If you need easy, I'm your man. ;)

    Pervert! :angry:
    Nice meeting you in Albany. Maybe someday we'll meet over a cardboard battlefield. If you'd like me to send you those photos of your epic battle with Mark Evans, send me an email at whit.richardson (at) gmail.com.
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