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  • nope i'm now divorced from the old battleaxe! nah she & i are friends. we just had our time run out. she has a dude that seems like a real fine guy & i'm genuinely happy for her. the kids (boy & girl) aren't quite college age yet (15 1/2). yer married? how'd you manage that? what poor girl did you blackmail into marrying you? :p
    "Long time no Rep for my favorite Louisianna ASLer. Merry CHristmas and Happy New Year. How old are the kids now? Still young enough to believe in Santa?"

    They just turned 9 a few weeks ago. And no I'm not young enough to believe in Santa, dumbass! ;)
    You'd be more than welcome here in the NE. Het a job in the oil industry and you could even work here.
    Hi Bob, I sent you a friendship request ages ago. Are you going to accept it? Throw it out if you hate me.... :cheeky: No but seriously it would be cool if you did something about it and added me as a friend.
    That Tater guy does make my blood boil at times. He is a very knowledgeable player, rules interpretation-wise. But man, his Rush Limbaugh; "I am always right" attitude makes me wanna puke Rosannadananna style. Thanks for all you postings on the forums to liven things up.
    Hochemama request: How about Sally Fields from her Flying Nun days. As a 5 yo kid I had a thing for her. I'd still "do" her today even though she's 60 yo. Still hot.
    "I don't want to get into a condensending toned arguement with you Tate as I do enjoy debating with you, but sometimes you do make it difficult for regular civil discourse."

    Ding ding ding! Give that man a cookie! :clap:
    I just noticed these notifications. Merry Xmas and New Years to you as well. You did play the Russelspring scenario? Be proud of rolling the dice man.
    "Last I saw Psycho two years ago at ALSOK he was trying to figure out the para drop in Operation Russelspring (whatever). Stroke notwithstanding, he's still re-reading the rules to determine which board his paratroopers landed on."

    Did you actually see me roll dice? Stop telling people I played the game! I got a rep to uphold. :shy:
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