1. ecz

    MwT II the authors speak about their designs (#20 The Bet)

    Time to spend some words about this new experience, but first of all a great THANK YOU to those involved in the project making possible to a wannabe designer as me to begin and to test my skill. The final second place, Silver Medal, is really wonderful... I was tempted to try this contest...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    HASL and other research resource

    Wartime maps of Ukraine And a guide on how to read them Example Kharkov: 1:100,000 is not "ideal" for the tactical level but it is a good starting point in the absence of...
  3. M.Koch

    When did you started with scenario design

    and Why ? Let us know what was the reason for you, starting with designing scenarios by yourself. Every information or story is welcome. Makes no difference if you are a crack designer or if you are just someone who likes to experiment a bit. Everybody is welcome... Well for me i started in...
  4. ScoobySnacks

    Playtesting and designing Scenario's

    I was wondering what the process or philosophy was for playtesting and then publishing new scenario's. I know publishers playtest, yet once published some come out as dogs while others are 50/50 after 100 or 1000 plays, based on what I see in Roar for example. I see far different numbers of...
  5. Treadhead

    Best/Favorite Victory Conditions

    The recent discussions about scenario balance got me thinking about Victory Conditions. I decided to do a brief survey through my collection of Official scenarios, just to get a feel for the types and number of different Victory Conditions that challenge us. While it is difficult to tell by...
  6. Gunner Scott

    Repair SSR

    Hi- Thinking about including this SSR in the Back in Black SS pack and want to make sure it is understandable by you the unwashed masses of this forum: Special Repair Rules: Any time during the Opponents Movement Phase or the Defensive Fire Phase and unless marked with a First Fire...
  7. RobZagnut

    Fog of War poll.

    ASL is slanted towards the attacker, which is why most players prefer to attack. Should there be more Fog of War rules or SSRs that give back some surprises or advantage of being the defender? Are there any other Fog of War ideas that you think should be implemented in scenarios?
  8. RobZagnut

    Scenarios - Why isn't RB CG structure used more often?

    Why isn’t the Red Barricades CG structure used for single scenarios or for a series of scenarios? The purchase phase using CPP is one of the best and most exciting aspects of ASL that has ever been designed. I’m surprised that it isn’t being used in scenario packs. For example - Each side gets...
  9. jpipes

    1 turn scenario?

    I recall reference to a 1 turn ASL scenario consisting of 2 or 3 US units assaulting a German MG up a hill. Does anyone have a pointer to this scenario, a name or any other details I can look up regarding it?
  10. RobZagnut

    Ho Hum...

    Just got two more scenario packs in the mail. 16 scenarios. Some look really good, some okay, some I'll never play. The packs will go into binders with my 1000+ other scenarios. Nothing special. Nothing really stands out. Am I the only one who thinks that after 15 years ASL scenarios could...