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  • Greetings, i saw your post about votg. Im the guy scott mentioned from manchester. Scott and i have gotten together a couple times. Where in ct are you?
    Hi Scooby,

    I'm in Vernon and another poster here at GS is from Vernon. We just meet for our first ftf a month or so ago. I hear you regarding finding time. I'm just getting back into ASL as my youngest hits 14 (damn, am I that old). ASL is really the only thin I'm playing at this point. I have to get up to the Bunker sometime but I work about half the weekends and the wife & kids get dibs on the most of the remainder. Let me know when you have a PBEM opening and we'll play something.

    - Scott Brady
    I am a long time ASL owner, short time player. With 3 young kids I am PBEM only right now. I also play other wargames when not playing ASL and have been getting my wife into "euro's" lately. Currently playtesting Kawaguchi's Gamble on pre-order from MMP, great area / impulse game.
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