1. von Marwitz

    RPT157 Ozarks And Frundsbergers - SSR Question

    I am looking at RPT157 "Ozarks And Frundsbergers" from Rally Point #16, scenario design by Evan E. Sherry. The SSR says: The Germans may place one 2-factor anti-tank minefield in one paved road hex on board 53. On this board, there are plain paved road hexes but also paved Narrow Streets...
  2. Michael R

    VBM question

    Please refer to the attached map section. An AFV in K6 moves into bypass of the L6 building on the L6-L5 hexside. Can it then spend 3 MP to pivot and move into bypass of the M6 building on the M6-L6 hexside? I ask because it feels a little like teleporting from hex L6 to hex M6.
  3. Michael R

    ADJACENT TO ROAD entry question

    Side A can enter on/adjacent to a road hex on the short side (ten hexes) of a map board. That edge has a road split across hexes numbered five and six. For ease of discussion, let us say A5 and A6. Does on/adjacent to a road hex then mean Side A can enter using hexes A4, A5, A6 and A7? TIA
  4. Michael R

    to past Ortona play testers

    I have a question. The rules that I received specify to treat Olive Groves as "out of season", which is contrary to the actual rule B14.8 that states they are always "in season". As well, my research found that olive trees do not normally drop their leaves. If anyone can remember any...
  5. Michael R

    FB11 Boy Soldier victory conditions

    "The Russians controlling => 10 ground level locations in buildings O7, O12, R14 and T13...". I need clarification. Am I correct in thinking that the rowhouse buildings O7 and O12 considered multi-hex buildings for these VC? Does the Russian need at least one location in each...
  6. Michael R

    broken observer and Spotting Round

    I used the OBA flowchart to try to reason this out, and I am looping. :crosseye: The observer is broken, so he cannot attempt radio contact. I believe that this is not voluntary loss of contact. The flowchart states that the SR stays on board in that situation. If nothing changes (i.e., the...
  7. Michael R

    A7.305 question

    Someone brought a new interpretation of A7.305 to ASLOK last year in one of my games. The rule states "PTC result forces an unbroken Personnel target to take a NTC". The index states this about Personnel: "all SMC and MMC counters, including those mounted as Cavalry or Passengers/Riders, but...
  8. Michael R

    Light Bocage HSR in BtB11

    SBR 1 in this scenario states "Bocage is Light Bocage." After reading the Light Bocage rules, I was expecting something more like "Hedges are Light Bocage". My feeling is that they really mean what they say in the SBR. In this scenario, hedges are hedges and bocage is Light Bocage. Am I...
  9. Michael R

    D7.221 and Street Fighting Ambush -1

    Opponent's tank comes adjacent to my stack of leader, squad, LMG in a building. Tank is Pz1, so I have the leader direct the LMG as ordnance. LMG hits, but does not stop the tank. Tank enters the stack's hex using VBM. I pass the PAATC for a CC Reaction Fire Attack. I tell my opponent my stack...
  10. SgtStahler

    All Overlays Ever...?

    I used to shy away from scenarios with overlays because they seem like a pain. I am recently coming around to how a designer can subtly alter even familiar maps with a couple well placed overlays. Neat... I dont want to open that debate though. What I would like to know is what would be the...