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  1. Blackcloud6

    Slopes, love 'em or hate 'em?

    Fort's post on the slopes in his newboard thread prompted me to make this poll. It seems some folks really dislike slopes. I'm sort of one of them as I think they are a bother... but they should not be as they actually make terrain a bit more realistic. Just another rule, right? So do you...
  2. Fort

    New Map (playtest version)

    Here is one of the proposed maps for the next series we are working on. It is a small farm...what do you folks think about the inclusion of two small rises in the two grain fields represented by slopes (mainly to break up the billiard tableness, but also needed for one of the scenarios)?
  3. B

    Orchard and Continuous Slopes (B.5)

    B.5 reads "CONTINUOUS SLOPE: A Continuous Slope is a change in elevation such that, in each hex successively crossed by the LOS, the elevation changes by one level in a continuous gradient. All rules pertaining to same-level LOS also apply to Continuous Slope LOS [EXC: walls/hedges and AFV/wreck...
  4. Fort


    IMHO Slopes as presented in KGP are one of the best terrain addtions, if not THE best, that have ever been done. They add an entirely new dimension the playing surface, allowing hill plateaus to be broken up, allowing certain positions to see over those grain fields and walls, etc.
  5. dwardzala

    Question on Slopes, Hedges and Elevation Changes

    A question on the LOS affects of hedge/walls, slopes and elevation changes: On the Stoumont Map does a unit in X28 which is upslope to U30 have LOS to U30 even though there is a hedge on the V29/W29 hexside? (I think yes as hedges are only a half-level obstacle, but upslope is 3/4 level...
  6. O

    Slopes and hills in OV

    Hi, I just don't get the slope rules to OV ( ditto: PGP). In the cut out above the slope lines are in hexes P 26 , Q27, R27 and S 27. These hexes - R 12.22 - are said to be " downlslope" and represent a dip to the hexes north of them. These are 3/4 of as level higher than lower terrian...
  7. Sven

    P2.3 Slopes and D9.4 Vehicle Hindrances

    Greetings! This question came up over the weekend while playing BtB7 "Blood on Hill 192": An offboard observer at Level 2 is correcting an SSR/FFE into a Level 2 hill hex Location. The Level 2 hill hex Location is on an up-slope, and the LOS from the observer to the hex crosses the up-slope...
  8. B

    LOS on slopes

    If your on a level 1 hill,shooting five hexes away at a downslope hex with a hedge directly in front it. would the downslope hex be blind because of the hedge. If your on the same level as that downslope I would imagine the hedge blocks los to units in the downslope.
  9. Pitman

    Slopes Play Aid

    I put together a little slopes play aid; it might be helpful for people just starting out with slopes. It's at