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  • Hey Steve, I am still struggling to get YASL acc squard awary. I still can't seem to post on it. But, Whit sent me a note expressing his high interest in coming to the Tussel. I'm pretty sure Russel will come too but note sure for how long. REALY looking forward to it:)
    Howdy Mike--it was good to see you at Noreaster this weekend! Please forgive me for mistakenly calling you 'Dave' this weekend--at least once and possibly twice.... You look just like someone I knew years ago named Dave so that was the source of the short-circuit. Hope you had some fun games (mine were all fantastic...). See ya again soon, General!
    --Steve Anderson

    Hi Steve, Jeez, I just now saw that you left this message way back in March after the Noreaster. D'oh!
    No problem calling me 'Dave"...just don't call me late for dinner!;-) It was good to see you, also. Would of been nice to get a game in. Maybe next time. See ya!

    Mike Pierzchala
    Tussle in the Tundra was VERY good show. Thanks for all your efforts. Can't wait until next year:)
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