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Jan 16, 2018 at 10:30 PM
Mar 7, 2009
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Gainesville, FL

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Spencer Armstrong

Canard de Guerre, from Gainesville, FL

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Viewing thread Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings), Jan 16, 2018 at 10:30 PM
    1. Daniels
      not much at this point....
    2. FanaticTW
      Dude .. could you please drop me Hadden's email addys again....... thanks!
    3. thedrake

      Thx for Repping Ian for me--got ur back in future!

    4. Mongo5486
      Hey its Willow. Looks like I'm having a snow day on Wednesday. Do you want to get a game in?
    5. Aaron Cleavin
      Aaron Cleavin
      Must play when you return from WO.
      I am at Aussie Nationals next weekend, any time after that would be great.
    6. Mongo5486
      Looking for a game for Sunday. Are you interested?
    7. Bryan Holtby
      Bryan Holtby
      Im having email problems mate.....as in I cant get it working and my ISP cant figure it out either lol. Ive got all the settings correct, only checked that half a dozen times, talked to lvl1 and lvl2 tech's.....so we are in a holding pattern for the moment.
    8. Sapper_D
    9. custardpie
      Yep been fun this year, feel I have grown up forum wise LOL.

      A game in the New Year would be something to look forward to

      Have a great Christmas

    10. Mongo5486
      See you after the new year. Do you have skype?
    11. Mongo5486
      Lost to Waldon yesterday so that makes 0-2 so far. Now that I am loaded up we can get a game in. Let me know.
    12. Paul M. Weir
      Paul M. Weir
      Thank you for your kind words. My interests started with plastic modelling, then the hardware, then military history and board war gaming and finally ASL. I have had (wasted?) nearly 40 years accumulate useless trivia.

      I tried to rep you for your "3 chicken" remark but it appears I have not been enough of a rep slut ("spreading it around") recently. Sometimes there are stretches where little catches my attention.
    13. sarfs
      How do you rep for a rep response ? LOL, Santo is great to listen to when the Cubs are losing because he pouts and stops talking. :-)
    14. Panzer Dude
      Panzer Dude
      Next Friday night (Sept 3) is good and anytime Saturday Sept 11.

    15. Panzer Dude
      Panzer Dude
      I was in Europe on vacation in July. I'm back now, settled in and ready for some ASL action. How's your schedule looking in the next couple of weeks?

    16. Psycho
    17. Psycho
      "Jerry S sends his love...neg rep was an accident!"

      So he says! :angry:
    18. Spencer Armstrong
      Spencer Armstrong
      My avatar is me, yes. I'm actually looking down, laughing. I'm in Hezekiah's Tunnel in Jerusalem, in about 3' of water. It's pitch black, our tour guide just having had us turn off our flashlights (we're 1/2 mile in)... The only light is the camera flash. I just like this picture of me.
    19. Pocky101
      Is your avatar picture you? If so what are you looking at?
    20. Gen. Sosabowski
      Gen. Sosabowski
      Dear Armstrong:

      Sent you a friend request, as I am always impressed by your take on the so-called "issues" here.

      David Lessenberry
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    Gainesville, FL
    United States
    As to what I am, I was once many things, but now I am only several.


    If loving StuGs is wrong, I don't wanna be right.