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  • Dear Armstrong:

    Sent you a friend request, as I am always impressed by your take on the so-called "issues" here.

    David Lessenberry
    Hi there,

    I play ASL and live in Wasaga Beach. I see you live in Toronto and I just wanted to say hello. I play mostly on VASL and I'm a so-so player (ha!). I used to play with Blair Bellamy, not sure if you know him. Anyway, nice to see someone fairly close by playing good ole ASL.

    Ha! I never even thought of it being an "homage." I just thought "Oh, Magritte, that's one from the series I haven't seen before." It's an outstanding job, fooled me. :) Egg on MY face.

    Hi, It turned out that the painting actually WAS by On Top ASL.... your error I'm afraid, lol. :p Its not a bad painting is it? Cheers...
    Hi, Thanks for the rep! I should have guessed that was Magritte, the thought crossed my mind. I figured ONTOPASL was a fan and worked in his style....lol. Its been a while since I've done any Art History.
    Bah. You took it with unusually good humor. And then proceeded to win (I think?). It's good to be back. I relocated to Toronto and saw the VASL light. I play more now than I ever have and am going to my first ASLOK.... Weird, but cool.

    Good to have you back!
    And yes I remember that from the Chicago ASL Open. It was cool to have you do that although I don't remember being quite as amused about it at the time...:)

    Mark DV
    Ada, MI
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