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  • Hi Spencer
    Actually, would rather play VASL + Skype. If your game, play OS1 "Conscript Counter." I will take on the task of the Germans.
    Spencer Armstrong
    Spencer Armstrong
    Well, I would rather play live too, but the fact of the matter is, my live play dance card is full and then a bit right now, so I can't take on another live game.
    "The dumbest thing in ASL? No, that honor still goes to Psycho."

    Hey! :angry: I'm just a lowly asler. :shy:
    What can I say, I love hockey. If I had to choose only one sport to watch it would be hockey. Playoff hockey is the best ever.
    "Oh, and MMP is perfect. Now excuse me while I polish my I :love: Perry tattoo."


    baby eater :angry:
    Good luck to the two of you today Spencer, first child is a very special day.
    Spencer - dont know if you do NetFlix streaming, but was watching "Greatest Tank Battles: The Battle of Kursk: Northern Front" and immediately thought of you - lots of StuG goodness. Not the best documentary, typical Military Channel shlock, but interview with a StuG crewman and nice CGI of them in battle......
    "That wasn't Darth Vader. That was some punk@$$ teenager in a Vader suit. :p"

    Thanks! It wasn't that your new one wasn't attractive. The old one just seemed to match your (friendly) online personality. It just seemed sooo you! :D
    Definitely the intent; thanks. In particular, the Singling article will be an overview of the representation of the battle in all mediums - miniatures, wargames, and computer games, so it is not a "how to play ASL" scenario by any stretch, which I would be in no position to write.

    I'm also looking at the best format; it occurs to me that pdf may not be the best way to go; a true ePub format with flowing text and resizable fonts, etc., seems to be becoming the new standard for electronic publishing.
    "You are the master of the dumb, repeated joke"

    I don't know any except the one joke. Duh! ;)
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