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  • Just to reassure you I didn't find your now self deleted post offensive. Maybe just a tiny tad stereotypical, but definitely not in a bad way.
    Meeting Terrain & Infrastructure Modify-Thermal Process-VL Xenomorph Elimination Needs - Submarine-Panphibic-Trans Atmospheric
    Look at your e-mail., its better than trading visitor messages.

    B&J, has some great stuff!


    Nearest "town" names are Ingomar and Wexford; I'm actually in Franklin Park Borough.

    This Visitor Message business is not very well thought out (or maybe we're just not the people it's designed for!). Maybe drop me a PM when you've got questions or news?


    Ill be keeping a wierd schedule too till settled. I have a huge dump to do up at this end.
    I'm getting ready for a mass down-sizing of my belongings - too much unrecognized accumulation.

    Have a buddy who works for the state and is an ex-cop, oriented me to all the "Indian Country" to avoid in Pittsburgh and have been down a few times.

    When you say North Hills - what's it near by town?

    My Bridgeville locations are actually up away from the town itself.

    My housing decision is being based on drive distance - gas prices!

    Can't give you much advice about housing, as that part of town has developed hugely since I worked there (fifteen years ago). Bridgeville had major flooding a few years back, so if it's a ground floor apartment, keep that in mind FWIW.

    Have you been down this way much? I can give you advice on getting around town, but you'd need to know the major roads, or be able to ID them on the map (/Mapquest/whatever), to make use of the advice.

    One piece of good news is that the x of 22 and 60 is also the location of a huge complex of malls, shopping centers, and all that stuff, so however far your residence is from work, that's also the furthest you'll have to go to get just about anything. Of course, all those stores come with the requisite amount of traffic to deal with.

    I play at my friends' houses. Lots of info I can give you about gaming-related stuff, if it will affect your housing decision in any meaningful way (if not, I'll just give it to you later) -- but most of it will be geographic, i.e. make more sense with a map.

    I should warn you that I follow a bizarre schedule and am about to go to bed, so don't expect my replies to follow "normal" commo patterns. :)


    Testing... 1... 2... 3...

    I wrote a reply to your message, hit "Post Message", and then discovered it had posted under my own profile. Thoroughly confused about how this VM stuff is supposed to work, I then looked at your profile, but saw no message there. Now I have clicked on "View conversation between KhandidGamera and jwb3", and am writing this in the screen it brought up. It will be interesting, if a bit frustrating, to go profile-diving again to see where it ends up!

    Anyway, I think you should be able to view my (other) reply under my profile. And then we can continue the conversation... err... somewhere, by... err... some means or other. :)

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