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  • "ahhhh fighting "tate" logic:>), you are doomed"

    You'll notice he ignored the question. I'm not on ignore cuz we constantly banter/argue back and forth so you can read into it what you will. ;)
    I wonder if you are really on his ignore list. Not that I pay all that much attention to what he says, (sort of like MD), but he seems to respond to your stuff from time to tom
    Sorry to hear that:OHNO::cry:

    But at least next year is the 25th anniversary, good time to come back.

    You keep healing!


    ASLOk is a no go this year. Arm still useless for anything. It is almost back but still quite a way from usable. I can move the fingers almost fully but it still won't respond fully unless I concentrate on it and even then it sometimes gives me trouble. Arm itself moves ok but I still can't raise it above my shoulder and it gives me trouble still. Leg is ok I guess. Still no running or jumping. I can walk ok but it is a very noticeable limp. Lately I've gone out more but it takes quite a bit out of me and I still have too much trouble with pain in my foot. ASLOk would be way too much for me and the money would be a problem even if I was healthy. Next year I should be back.
    He takes it well cuz (he says) I'm on his ignore list, it's in areas he doesn't go to (Mila 18 & joke threads) and what could he say in response? I can't stand the guy cuz he's an annoying pr1ck. He's a broken record, a liar, cheap, lazy, stupid, a hypocrite and completely useless to the ASL community. When is the last time you saw him write an AAR? Never. Rules question? Almost never. Helping newbies? Slim chance. His whole attitude towards the whole GS community is laughable. :nada:
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