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    jump the shark....across the world

    Call me maybe, I think it has jumped the shark, if not before now.....darn I had to watch the whole thing!!!. Troops and Miami Cheerleaders in Bikini. Mike
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Ludovico Einaudi. Mike
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    The best war movie ever made

    All Queit on the Western Front (1930)-- for the time it was pretty much in a class by itself I would argue. Mike
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    Super Bowl XLV: Steelers vs. Packers!

    Go Packers. Wow that is unreal. I have never been to a pro football game, but wow that is beyond belief. I'm not sure I could enjoy the game if one had to part with that much money for the being there. And would you go by yourself. I suppose it depends on what one normally spends of...
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    Go Ducks!

    Hoping for a good second half. Mike
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    The Dallas Cowboys' real problem might be Jerry Jones

    Don, Not sure. The lack of disipline was there early, remember the leap frog stuff. Who to peg that on, not sure. Mike
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    LSU takes down Alabama

    Dave, Yes, I was expecting a comment. Was watching Texas lose.....almost felt bad for them.....almost....strange game. Mike
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    LSU takes down Alabama

    Sadly the ISU Cyclones couldn't give a Big 12 send off to Nebraska. Kick the extra point, have faith in the team. Mike
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    Brett Favre and the text messages

    Don Maddox, And where are we the public in the mix? I'm not a big believer in the idea of falsely bulding up a "sports hero", or ignoring what seems to be a truth. Still, the thread didn't start out with comments about the play against the Jets where he got out of the pocket, moved right...
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    Brett Favre and the text messages

    Don Maddox, You don't think that sport or other celebs had some real misteps in the past (I would wager that by todays lense put in the past the behaviors would be worse 40+years ago--media and the market is no longer as allied in building up the hero worship biographyies of the past. That...
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    Your Favourite Movie

    Westside Story Almost any Eastwood Western I can watch multiple times. All Star Trek movies are must see, but once I have limited desire to see them again. Holy Grail (Monty Python) Stand and Deliver It's a Wonderful Life Alot of Robin Williams movies- I like-Good Will Hunting, Dead...
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    Favorite "Bad" Movie?

    Bad movies that I somehow still like. Barbarella... Giant....not really a "bad" movie, but kind goes on rather endlessly. I've watched it probably 3 times which is alot for me--I don't know if any of the others on my list have been watch multiple times. RepoMan...I haven't seen for a...
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    Gridiron Help Needed

    Vinnie, I suppose that rules out the possibility of a cheerleader outfit for her as well.... My wife had an Emmit Smith jersey. She played and scored the stuff back in the early 1990's. Even wrote a program for the scoring, prior to much of that stuff coming out, I think. Alot easier now...
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    Gridiron Help Needed

    In the playoffs, in the league I'm in. Very even league. Playoff teams are 9-4-1, 8-5-1 (me), 8-6, and one out of the 5 teams at 5-5 got in. Next week we compete for the championship and the other teams vie for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and such. Vinnie I hope you had fun no matter that your wife...
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    Operation Typhoon pbem

    Well, I think it is well past time for me (the opponent) to give a report. Unfortunately, the laptop I was using and recorded some of the early pictures of the battle, has crashed so no pictures---rather just an opportunity to answer some questions. 1) Yes, my the Axis player is likely...