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  • Rich, I saw you made it to England for Heroes and John Tait was there. Can you email me the special rules Dave used for the ASL Open? I might use them in the regular games I play with my local opponents. They seem well reasoned. Ray
    Hi Rich, yeah doing well thanks. Won't be able to get back to ASLOK until 2013 unfortunately, but I'm hoping that Chicago will be a possibility before then.
    yes it was a slow final . we played until 6 pm.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. But he was more tired than me so the longer it went on the worse for him. Great game with Jim though very close game.

    I was gonna rep you for this comment:

    "Loud certainly worked for Stukas, Tigers, polar bears on "Lost" and probably Panthers as well."

    but I've given out too much the last 24 hrs. My wife loves Lost. :thumup:
    thank you for this great AAR of the tourny!
    we hope to see you again next year...may be you can grab the first prize this time...
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