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  • Bob,

    I sent you an email about a neighbor's eve flashing problem.

    Tried calling but no answer.

    "The nosy neighbor from Bewitched. Elizabeth Montgomery is a smoking hot nice witch (thats why we watched, lol) with a mean mother. Larry Tate,ie Darren's boss, used to crack me up.


    Hi Bob,

    Hope all's well. Gary Trezza said we should play again in Legrew maneuver (from SP). Will you be free to play Tuesday night in ASLOK? Looking forward to it.

    Send me a note at or call me at 646-226-11634.


    You will be playing Paul Sidhu in SP 150-The Legrew Manuever for the sweet 16 semifinal game. Let me know if that is ok
    with you. Paul mentioned something about you two already playing the sweet 16 semi but that was not official in my book.

    Gary Trezza
    Grats on the win Bob, was really rooting for you to take the crown this time.

    "You beat me twice in Hornet! I hate it when that happens. Now you got my no. 2 spot! I wanna playtest something cool, anything cook'in? Bob"

    Actually there seems to be some kinda had you beating me twice in Meatgrinder, I reported it as only one game...and then entered our game of Hornet and it was entered twice. I reported that to Darryl as well, I suggest you report it to. I had not even known of the site's existence until I saw a link on GS and followed it and registered.

    I have some playtesting coming up soon. I'll send you the maps and scenarios when I get them ready for almost primetime.
    That is the uniform of the Kings Life Guard!!! Newark garrison.

    I was Royalist for five years, lots of fun and beer.

    Calalier and Roundhead were in facy insults hence the phrase Calalier attitude (meaning lax, lazy and often drunk!!) whilst Roundhead pre-dated the Civil Wars and refered to the London apprentices who often demonstrated and rebelled against their masters and were easy to spot due eo having close cropped hair hence round heads.

    Never ask a history buff a question LOL
    "Bad conscience?"

    Nah. If I did something bad I'd sleep like a baby. :devil: Back problems pre-stroke and post-stroke it's back pain plus hips, thighs and right arm pain plus general uncomfortableness. :upset:
    Air Force Special Ops. They could add a 4th gun when they took out the side door.
    AC-119s were also converted. Now it's the AC-130(w/a 105mm).
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