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    Did we do this correctly?

    A UN squad is Crested and facing a North Korean 81mm Mortar on a three level hill through the crest facing. The crested squad receives no TEM versus the Mortar's indirect fire. The squad in its movement phase wants to escape its predicament by dropping out of sight into the gully. I claim the...
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    2022 Texas Team Tournament, June 16-19, Austin, TX

    Thanks Rick, I had a very nice time in my first attendance of the Texas Tournament. Two of us drove down from Chicago, 1,100 miles each way. Rick did a great job running the tourney, the large sceen WWII movies were a nice treat. He must have some sheep dog in his DNA. Played two games each...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played this recently as the Jpn. I setup four squads with a leader to move outward and take positions where the US entry options could quickly get to the three VC path hexes. The rest setup around the village to smash the 3.5 squad Ami force constrained to the orchards. The two turn smashing...
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    Did we do this correctly?

    See above picture. A. The Dukw moved to Y20, expending 1/2 MP in hex Y20 for a total of 13 of the Dukw's 27MP. B. The German 467/HMG, previously HIP, decloaks and takes a 20 flat shot. C. The shot is resolved on the IFT using the 20 column, *vehicle line (ten to immobilize) D. The roll is...
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    Board 5 changes

    Once played Dying for Danzig on VASL. I was closing in upon the final VB building in pretty good shape. Ran a stack across the street to the stone building next to the VB, confident there was no LOS. My opponent says 6 down 2 right through a building. After we exchanged pics, it was clear his...
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    Destroyer The Sullivans is taking on water...

    They sank on a crusier, the destroyer named after the Sullivans was a Fletcher class destroyer. I followed the story because my dad was a WWII sailor on the Fletcher class destroyer Stockham. My grandmother remarked once that having five sons fighting at the same time in WWII was stressful for...
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    Dash -

    I just play the depiction governs the dash. I know it isn't in the rules, but makes things clear.
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    Do you lose concealment if you advance into an in-season rice paddy?

    If a unit advances into s Foxhole in open ground, it would lose concealment if in LOS... I would think the same should hold for an advance into an in season paddy as the bank is OG. But this is ASL.
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    Rout Question

    I think that low crawl should be allowed. There is a legal, non- interdicted rout path to H8. The rules do not allow the omnipotent future results based upon unknown units to be considered when selecting an initial rout target location. It appears to me that Perry has endorsed this concept.
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    AFV Enter/Exit Building Questions

    A vehicle may not avoid the +3/+4 entry of building bog DRM. Unless an owned vehicle entrance in a factory.
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2022

    Rich Domovic's Russians defeated Paul Lauger's Germans in AP169 - The Beasts Have Arrived. It was set in 1944 Ukraine. My 57LL in the rear VB took out two Tigers with CHs, which helped make Paul's last turn rush fall short. Good game and opponent, my rolls averaged just under 7.0 Paul's just...
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    Bog check in buildings

    Trying to follow thus thread at an advanced age. What I think the conclusions are: 1. Entry of building by a closed top, BU AFV at 1/2 MP requires a +3 bog check (+4 stone). A colored 6 on Bog check roll drops the AFV into the cellar ( crew can try to crawl out on CS/cs). A colored 1 on the bog...
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    What's with this red corner on vehicles?

    You can remove the red front pointer with Alt/shift "Q" on highlighted vehicle. Alt/shift "W" removes them from all vehicles on your side after you highlight one of yours.
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    New Third Party Publisher: Hazardous Movement

    I purchased the first two HazMo scenario packs. These are mostly mid-sized with a few large ones. They are also fairly complex scenarios. I have enjoyed all of the first ten scenarios (my least favorite was the free one - Kids These Days). Several would vie for my favorite. Played several...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    My ON-10 opponent unloaded the HMG, which added to the German firepower advantage. Smoke was not a factor in my game as the huns came through the woods, orchard field and took up postions behind the wall.