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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Played about 100 VASL games, The dice chart at the end of these games has shown the mean to be about 7.0 and a normal spread, as expected. Now this doesn't reflect that the timing of the good/bad rolls may favor one side in a game. Since the dicebot evidence is plainly visible in a graph...
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    A.P. Fourteen.

    The more boards, the merrier for me. Never having to take x buildings on board 10 mini village with a wall hex in the center, perfect. There are several types of terrain under represented on GEO boards. Hasls are cool, but not many designers design on the HASL maps because only a fraction of...
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    Leader CC availability - Did we do it correctly.

    We actually allowed the leader to participate without restrictions and arrived at 9 to immobilize. Squad CCV 5 + leader 1 + leadership modifier (-1) + 1 immobile Stug + 1 no usable MG = 9 My doubts are based upon Klaus' point. The leader had already directed the HMG fire without the squad. So...
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    Leader CC availability - Did we do it correctly.

    We did not reduce leader's CC value by one. In our game it did not matter as the Russian CC number was "8" and he rolled a six. Thanks, Rich
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    Leader CC availability - Did we do it correctly.

    I had a question from my VASL League game. A Russian 8-1 leader is stacked with a 447 squad manning a HMG in a stone building. The leader directs the HMG only in First Fire, the HMG retains rate, so no First Fire placed. A Stug then crashes into the stone building hex, bogs, but doesn't fall...
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Rich Domovic's German SS defeated Mike Augustine's combined Russian/Romanians in RPT8 - Well Taught. My sixteen average SS squads supported by six panzers (one a panther) must deny good order to eleven squads, supported by four tanks and a 57LL AT gun in a five hex radius in a 1945 Austria...
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    IPM movement questions

    I was reading my IPM movement rules as the new Rally Point has Korea scenarios. So a line of CVPA squads contains a leader. This leader passes a NMC in his side's movement phase. This allows Infantry Platoon Movement for the contiguous line/group, which is a new form of impulse movement. Some...
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    PIF Polish Heat of Battle modifier?

    The allied minor HOB modifier is +2. I seem to recall that the PIF module made the Polish HOB modifier 0. Could not find the change to 0 in any of my Bounding Fire PIF stuff. Did my brain neurons misfire, yet again, or is the Polish HOB modifier zero for PIF scenarios? Thanks, Rich
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    CPVA: prefer shooting at first-line squads or at second-line squads?

    Seems intuitively like you are better off putting the 527s out of commission than the 628s in most circumstances. The 527s fall from grace expectation is greater, while their firepower/CC difference is small. Exceptions abound, usually where FP isn't paramount.
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    Quick FT vs. AFV question RE: Concealment

    Interesting take on the FT vs dummy. With AP, APCR... the type of TH defaults to the proper target type, FT doesn't have a TH. Rich
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    North Vietnamese mortar men were so accurate that they could often put one in a foxhole on the second or third attempt after ranging. I doubt the German vets of WWII would not also be as proficient.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played RB6 - Turned Away a couple of times in ASLOK minis, enjoyable scenario and well balanced in my opinion. Not a classic with massive replay value like "To the Rescue", but I really enjoyed it both times. Rich
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    Tunnel portage points

    A unit may not portage more than its IPC through a tunnel. Can an MMC/leader portage a 4 PP weapon because the leader adds one PP to the PP of stack?
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    'Likes' have now been replaced by 'Reactions'

    Nice changes! Was not able have these choices in liking witchbottles three lovelies, but ok!
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    Dare death charge

    A15.431 also supports that concealed units (dummies) can be revealed by Berserkers as per my previous post. A15.431 ... If, in the act of charging the nearest Known enemy in its LOS, the berserk unit moves into the LOS of a closer (in hexes) Known enemy unit, he charges that unit from that...