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  • I'm a full blown hot food freak- chicken wings, Chilli, hot potato chips, you name it. My oldest daughter tries all of it too.
    They had a great time, horse drawn carrige ride and hot chocolate after dinner. Chilli sauce- are you a hot food fan?
    OK, try Best Brown from Samuel Gawith or Brown Flake from Gawith and Hoggarth. Bright CR Flake is another good one as well as Bob's Chocolate Flake, also by the same blenders. The are both made in the UK and on the mild to medium side but with lots of flavor.
    Happy St. Nicholas Day back at you. We are driving into town to take the kids to a chocolate shop.... Might turn into a new family tradition!
    What have you been smoking? I am doing well, thank you. Been trying to get myself wrapped around the rules again, but keep making stupid mistakes. LOL.
    Yes been told that i will be there till july next year!, I made high quakity copies of the counters and use them for playing with, works for the time being.
    you will not regret it not so cluttered and gives a better overall play area that is not so crowded
    Jan the blown up maps are far better to play on , am working my way through a whole load of maps to get enlarged at the moment and when the map pack comes out .... well DASL geomorphic HEAVEN, am doing all the overlays and TPP maps as well.
    There was a thread on them on the forums in which the complaint? observation? was that they were very similiar to some scenarios that Schwerpunkt put out.....

    NO big deal.
    Definitely try picking up some Gawith and Hoggarth Best Brown flake, nice flavor but not too heavy. Another good one is from Mac Baren and called Navy Flake. This one is slightly sweet, has some body, but is not overpowering.
    That's disgusting! I'd be offended if only I spoke Italian! :angry:

    I just checked my email for the 1st time. I've been able to move around since I got out of the hospital but am still limited by the right leg. Still limp around and no running or jumping yet but it's a long way from stuck in a bed & wheelchair. Arm still unusable but more movement in wrist and fingers.
    Happy belated birthday. I kept reminding myself to wish you a happy one on the 21st, but got too busy at work.... I hope it was a good one.
    St N is excellent, have already incor[orated the counters into my Racco boxes and am gettig the maps copied and laminated tomorrow!!! :)
    what stinks about the snow that YOU guys get is that you don't have the infrastructure ie snowplows and sand/salt trucks to keep the roads clear.

    We've got a 'heat' wave ie 40s in Fahrenheit or 5s in celsius forecast for the next 5 days.
    Gladd you're well....
    RB campaigns with DOUBLE OB? What are you, nuts?

    Seriously, we are having a bitter winter here ie over 80 inches of snow. Most of it has NOT melted, which is the other issue ie it's been COLD.

    I get 1 to 2 ASL games a week. Just getting over a cold. Still haven't won the lottery...
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