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  • Scenarios now standing at well over 4,500, the latest scans will be a load of very rare stuff the likes of all the Aussie tournament scenarios and a whole load more! also taking a whole load of my dice towers down to sell at Heroes, will off set the cost, although the trip is going through my company books!
    Blackpool on the 12th till 15th of March, really good and friendly experience and you learn a lot about the game, also hoping to get a whole load more scanning done and stored on my new laptop before hand. hope to see you ther or at Bournemouth for intesive fire one of these days
    Happy New Year Jan from the bum in Michigan
    I did win the lottery last night. $2USD. Just $45,999,998 to go right?
    Merry Christmas! I hope the holiday finds you warm and well fed. I got Operation Merkur today- looks neat.
    Nice Eastwood Pic! I "re-discovered" older westerns last year, while trying to get my then one year old son to bed. He loves the horses and gun play. I enjoy the classic lines.

    Any snow over there yet?
    Jan, I'm well, and playing ASL one or two times A WEEK FTF...hope that makes you jealous.

    Seriously, I can NOT complain.
    We're getting over a serious winter snow storm here. Had a quiet day with the kids while the wife slept off a overnight shift.

    Glad you're well
    Mark DV
    Ada, MI
    Hi Jan

    That's great. As I said I am that way a lot and that is on going as we have locations that way so it is long term. I can make an odd weekend trip as well, but not at the moment as I am away 4-5 days in the week so weekends I need to be close to home for the wife and kids (2 and 4). When next year comes round I should be home more in the week freeing up weekend jollies. It is only about 2 hours to Oxford so could nip down play and get home in a day no problem.

    in fact I pass through Oxford (well drive past on the A34) about once every two weeks on my way to Southhampton area. This would be midweek so it is more than possible to hook up one night. I'd just hotel that way or drive the rest of the way later that night. If intrested get in touch, my e-mail is ian_willey@hotmail.com

    Again I tried to download your friend request, this time for over an hour. All that happened was it took longer to reboot the next few times I started it. I think my computer is jealous of me and deliberately tries to sabotage any other potential friendships.
    Nah. I've got way too much crap already. Thanks for the thought anyway. :thumup:
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