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    More "real" SMC names please

    Lt. Lazov and Sgt. Lazov are both valid. I supposedly had an uncle in the KGB Col. Spirov (The communist version of my last name).
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    The Tampa ASL Group Has Lost Dave "Mountain Man" Brown

    Sending out condolences
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    Dual Monitors?

    I have been using two monitors for years I just started to use three and it really does help.
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    Overlays error?

    Isn’t the overlay extension part of the default VASL mod?
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    Da Paul Challenge

    That one looks like a RR car of some type...
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    What was your very first computer wargame you ever played???

    I am still playing Steel Panthers WW2 and MBT and The Operational Art of War IV. I fiddle with Panzer/Allied/Soviet Corps (aka Panzer General) and DG CWIE2 from time to time and I have 30+ Matrix games but don’t play those much.
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    What was your very first computer wargame you ever played???

    Mine was Third Reich PC by AH. That was followed by the V4V series, High Command, War Game Construction Set II: Tanks, Panzer General and Steel Panthers.
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Thanks for the history Jon.
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    The Evils of Greenwood, first AH start you off on SL and then entice you with COI and to add to the sugar frosting COD, the icing on the cake was GIAOV. Then so many versions of the above rules and gamelettes we started getting fed up, then the evil Greenwood “invented” ASL (right, he planned...
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    Scenario Pack List

    I own a crap load of CH stuff, mostly 2nd and 3rd and a few 4th generation stuff. Right now CH is in its 5th through 7th generations of stuff with a few new things tossed in. Things I Hate: Constantly regurgitation of previous products over and over again Overpriced stuff Jerks who bash my...
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    New staff members

    Congrats on your mod status (I think), I was only banned once and it was enough to learn my lesson, hope I don’t offend anyone to be banned again, life is too short.
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    Starter Kit #4 Counter Mix

    When I was last active in IL about 90% of the SK players said they had no intention to moving to full ASL at all and were happy with SK only. So I personally don’t think this is the case. Next they want SK for the desert 🐫
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    Starter Kit #4 Counter Mix

    How many total 4-4-7 Japanese squads?
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    Missing Counter Series: IPM Exempt

    Her name is Nicki and she has a sister remember?
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    This thread shows off the new interface: