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    German squad, section or team names for WW2

    Many many thanks von Marwitz!!! thank you!
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    German squad, section or team names for WW2

    As per my other thread (and much appreciated for all the insights and help the German speaking/reading folks have provided, and to those English speaking folks as well), this one is on squad, section or team. I have some conflicting sources or my understanding of them is faulty and could use...
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    Offboard grid snapping feels different in v6.6.1

    Very nice addition and thanks for all the explanations.
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    German name or number system for platoons?

    Thank you both to M.Koch and von Marwitz, very much appreciated!
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    German name or number system for platoons?

    So I believe I asked this before, but I can't find the quick answer for it. I know for an example that in the US Army or USMC the numbering of platoons and companies went something like this: 1st Platoon, A Company, Some Numbered Regiment So the shorthand would be: 1/A/389th So my question...
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    Dispatch #50 Transmitted today

    Vic, congrats on #50! Thanks for all your hard tireless and excellent work, really appreciate all you have and will do.
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    Tuomofest 2020!

    Tuo Mo, or not Tuo Mo.
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    Not Cleveland but Damascus....

    Be safe Peter, will be keeping you in my prayers.
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    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    Music is Win, it’s actually a YouTube channel I sub too, it’s awesome.
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    Less Intense US Colors

    How about this OD green with white lettering?
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    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    that is correct and we worked with Wild Bill Wilder on the PTO stuff. I do believe I still have the originals some place.
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    GHQ Miniatures Sale w/ coupon code

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    Do any of you prefer SL or ASLSK to ASL?

    Absolutely NO to SL, it’s been dead to me for decades, I tried ASLSK while teaching my son for a few weeks and gave it up and forced him to learn real Men’s ASL.
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    Mission #9 - A Coy/RCR Campaign, Sicily to Ortona, Italy, 1943

    Maybe a platoon of PzIVs will arrive and revenge, I mean reinforce the poor dead SPG...?