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  • Hello Rudi,
    Good pictures ! In aCIMG1146.jpg , it's David Hennion : a friend from my chess club who helped me in the tournament to be the 20th player.
    Hi Rudi
    I have not tried chessclocks. However I have been experimenting around making a "timeplan" on a scenario in excell.
    I have used it when playing with a friend of mine who is relatively new and a very slow player.
    It actually worked very good by giving us an estimation on availiable time for attacker setup/defender setup and for each player turn.
    Drop me a mail and I will send it over. My mail adress is mattias.bergwall@telia.com.
    Best regards
    Hallo Andrea und Rudi,

    Ausgezeichnete Comeback in Arnheim! :clap:

    It looks like your coach ;) had a quiet word with you after your first match.
    Either that or she is a terrific cheer leader. :hurray:

    I did not know that you were an ASL Schlitzohr. :laugh:

    I hope the people who won the dice like them. I hear that Purple Heart Draw is a very good scenario pack; well done!

    Helen will be joining me for the last weekend in Cleveland. I will not be gunning for "wood" at ASLOK. I will just be trying not to lose too many games so that I can maintain some dignity. :cry:

    Veilleicht, können wir einen Swap: Würfel für deutsche DVD/CDs. Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. :(
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