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  • "Last night I started play testing a scenario from CH's upcoming Kharkov pack."

    Liar! Everyone know CH doesn't play test anything! :clown:
    Doc knows what he's talking about and aiabx isn't really a scientist. He's just a crackpot libtard stooge pushing an agenda. ;)
    "He didn't kill nothing but his own argument. The "Doctor" is not an unbiased participant."

    "Selfless Service & Personal Courage"

    I don't guess you'll be seeing Tate in the army anytime soon. ;)
    Well. my Benedict Arnold theme had run its course and I was wondering what to put up next when the Somlian Pirates from South Park popped in my head. My son reminded me of the "Cut of your c@ck and feed it to a crock" verse from the song. Once made, and committed to being a Pirate I just had to go out and hijack some threads. :devious:
    "You are paranoid and operating in fear."

    Ding ding ding! Give that man a cookie! :clap:
    I know it might be a little reactionary but it's been building up. The moving of the "Mila" thread showed the ham-fisted heavy-handed moderation tactics have just gotten outa hand. What hate most is that it probably wasn't Jazz or Alan that moved it. The "other mods" don't understand ASLers and just tagged it because they always wanted it gone. If they moved it back and backed off I might consider swallowing my pride and coming back. But as I had made a commitment to the contest, I will be around occasionaly till I can get the pack out but after that I doubt that the moderation will change enough for me to hang around.

    Thanks for the friend request. Kerry
    Very cool. Was your uncle from Ohio or was he draftee/regular replacement to the division? My dad enlisted in the Ohio Guard in 1940 in Toledo, Ohio and was mobilized when the division was federalized in October of that year.. he told me that "OHIO" stood for "Over the Hill In October." He said the called themselves "The Flaming @ssholes" becasue of the buckeye patch.
    It's a pretty nice history, been reading it on and off the past couple of weeks. I found my uncle's information. He was with Company B of the 145th. Was inducted into the Army Jan of '42 at Fort Thomas, Ky. William Florjancic, but people called him Doogie. Won the Silver Star for actions on 11MAR44 for defending a forward pillbox position single handedly while waiting for reinforcments. According to the citation, they found 84 enemy dead in front of the pillbox when the fighting stopped. Another solider received the SS when he came to assist him in holding the position.
    "My son, cancer and a Laptop"

    Wish I could send you some money but until we pay the medical bills we're tapped out. :(
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