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  • He was born in Cleveland but moved to Toledo as a young child and lived the rest of his life there.

    Do you know what unit your uncle was in in the 37th? I have my Dad's Division "yearbook" from when they were at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. I could look to see if he is in it. I also have the Division History for WWII, published right after the war by "Infantry Magazine." It is awesome and if you can find one, I recommend getting it. I also have fully class A uniform of a 37th Division Infantry Sergeant.

    My Dad told me that yes, they were The Fighting Buckeyes, but they called the patch "The Flaming @sshole."
    My Dad was int he 37th from 1940 to 1942. he enlisted in the summer of 1940 and was federalized in October of that year. he made it all the way to the Fiji Islands but got very ill with encephalitis and was evaced to the states.
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