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    DVG Hornet Leader

    The leader series are good. They are more planning and management games than about combat. You play a squadron commander trying to get through a campaign and manage your stressed out pilots, their different skills etc. What I like it the weapons planning, picking the right aircraft and...
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    Should Victory Conditions permit ties?

    BTW, when I voted it came up 50-50... a tie. I thought that was funny.
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    Should Victory Conditions permit ties?

    There are real battles where neither side achieves their objectives, so should there be such in ASL.
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    Are we due for a World War?

    Did the West win the Global War on Terror? Did I miss something, or did it just get ignored and hopefully will go away? This is how global war will be fought in the near future. It is unlikely that there will be stained peer on peer warfare as war has become too lethal and destructive...
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    Limiting New Posts feed

    OK, thanks.
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    J38 Bitter Defense at Otta set up question

    Elements of Company C, 1st Green Howards, 15th Brigade [ELR:3] set up east of the river on/north of hexrows 7I-5I.
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    J38 Bitter Defense at Otta set up question

    This scenario has Board 7 in the west, 2 in the middle and 5 in the east. 7 and 5 are oriented the same way and Board 2 the opposite way. The defenders set up: "...east of the river on/north of hexrows 7I-5I." There is no mention of board 2; its row in line with Row I on Boards 5 and 7 is...
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    Government dictation of business practice

    Ah, taxes breaks are incentives, taking such away is not punishment. Thus if companies want to play politics, then politics can bite them in the ass.
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    Was World War 2 really decided in just 5 minutes?

    "The Japanese were simply fucked, dead men walking, once the US got into it's stride. Taking on the US was the greatest strategic overreach and moronic stupidity of the last hundred plus years that I can think of." This.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played another GWASL scenario today, this time one from the Hindenburg Line pack. I was the Germans who had to prevent an American penetration of the trench lines. I would say this one is tough on the American because although they outnumber the Germans, they have to cross some tough terrain...
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    Details on Hatten HASL?

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    Wwi ?

    The pace slows somewhat due to the platoon movement rules and the low MPs of the tanks. So you have to rethink your tactics. The Platoon Movement rules for the infantry make it difficult to cross open terrain to get at the enemy in strength. At some point your "platoon degrades and you have...
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    Fighting our own tanks in Iraq

    A foreign sales M1A1 does not equal a US service M1A1. Keeping them running for a video is one thing, keeping them running for combat is another.