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    Trump @ War movie

    His real test is coming. Will he punish the Saudis or will he kiss their asses like all the Presidents before him?
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    Problem with Soviet GAZ-4M-AA truck counter

    The GAZ-4M-AA counter has no ability to change covered arc, HIP, conceal or any other functions.
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    Trump the Magnificent

    "BELIEVE IN BREXIT! May and Trump plot GREAT AMERICAN TRADE DEAL - 'Deliver for the people’" Gee, the US and the UK teaming up once again to defeat the Germans. Just like old times.
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    Hatten - Schurzen/gyros?

    I have never found anything outside of anecdotes and frankly, little sourcing that says this really occurred. This may be a case of "circular reporting" where a notion takes on a life of its own. Here's an interesting anecdote which is just the opposite (scroll down to the avatar of the 781st...
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    Hatten - Schurzen/gyros?

    Note in this video the preparation to fire and how much is done with the Stabilizer.
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    Hatten - Schurzen/gyros?

    I'll counter the whole ASL notion that US tanks only rarely had gyrostabilizers. I bet all US tanks produced, at least from 1943 on, had them. First there is this 1944 Popular Science article that says so:
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    China a leftist utopia, why do we trade with them? the Nikes they make. Just do it.
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    Old Panzerblitz with 2.0v rules

    Thanks. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them.
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    Best marking option for glass and plastic

    Alcohol pens. I've been using the same ones I've purchased in the 1980s believe it or not. They wipe off with alcohol on a cloth or paper towel. Check though on a corner to be sure they do wipe off. but these are the...
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    Old Panzerblitz with 2.0v rules

    Two years ago I consolidated the rules of PB and PL into one rule system. It always drove me nuts trying to remember the nuances between the two games so i decided to do this. Wherever there was a difference I made a decision to use one rule from either PB or PL. I had help from two other...
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    E3.75 Drifts and the ASOP

    Sent this to Perry: "E3.75 says: "A Drift is also created in one hex of each mapboard at the start of any RPh in which, prior to the Wind Change DR, Heavy Winds/Gusts were in force in combination with ground or Deep Snow." "My opponent pointed out there is no entry on the ASOP to do this...
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    Why are WWI movies so rare?

    ... oh, and direct by Chester T. Molester.
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    Why are WWI movies so rare?

    Hollywood can't write a decent script nowadays anyhow. The only thing they probably could come up with is some (gay or transgender) clown in a bright red superhero suit flying into a barbed-wired trench after being beamed down from the USS Diversity to gun down the Hun surrounded by loud...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Finished G17 Hakkaa Paalle on Wednesday. This is a different one with as running fight on skies on heavy snow. A scenario of lousy shots and the flurry of a fight near the ends. And it includes the dread Drifts rules. I enjoyed it. The Russians won.