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  • I have my copies of my uncle's paperwork, I'll find that out. My other uncle requested and received his brother's service medals, including the Silver Star. It was an honor to actually hold one in my hands. Supposedly my uncle had a Japanese officer's Samurai sword, but no-one knows what happened to it.

    I've seen a history on the 37th in book form, but it is extremely rare. I think there was one on Amazon, but they wanted nearly $200 for it.
    Hey, saw your message. My uncle was in the 37th, won a Silver Star at Bougainville. Died before I was born, unfortunately. You are the first to recognize my avatar!
    Thanks for the neg rep? I won't return the favor. See, I never do neg rep anybody though many surely deserve it. By the way, you aren't one.
    Negative Rep.
    House passes bill to... 24 May 08 21:11 Blackcloud6 try talking like an adult"
    well, your reply was a sliced and diced selected group of disconnected and poorly thought out comments.
    You told me the oil companies and the countries that make up OPEC are one in the same and they were under the jurisdiction of tha U.S. courts.

    My point is that the country sheriff has as much jurisdiction and the U.S. Congress.
    Your negative CP was particularly unwarranted.
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