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Hello Pacman Ghost... first up, many thanks for taking the time and having the smarts to put together VASL Templates, very cool stuff. Its all going great, save for one issue, and it could well be me being a bit stupid, but every time I click on the Search icon in the Scenario Block I get the error message "Couldn't get the scenario index. invalid start byte", hoping you can help. With thanks. Ash 👾
Pacman Ghost
Pacman Ghost
Post this in the main thread and I'll answer it there.
Hello ASLAddict,

I have seen that you have got Mario Aceto DiceTower, ...

Could you say me size of that? (measurements)

I want one, but I want smaller... :).

Thank you!!..

Miguel from Canary Islands. Over.

in height 15 cm and width and depth each 7.5 cm. The bottom part is 20 cm x 10.5 cm.

Best regards
Thank you!,.,,, :)
I am available for a PBEM, do you have a scenario in mind?
I can look for something if you like... but im open to suggestion, you mentioned you wanted ETO, sounds like you have something in mind ...I'll play just about anything...
Hi Josh,

Your offer of VASL with Tony Gibson also came through addressed to me. I have several regular VASL opponents, but I'm always interested in playing someone different, so would you like to try a game with me?

My email is if you're interested.


Andy Bagley
You willing to playtest?
If yes... I can send you rules, scenarios, and VASL maps.

Hi Steve - I'm really only a newbie starting out with my buddy (I've played plenty of SK beforehand, though). Only a few games in, relatively speaking. However, always happy to help - my email is
looks like it has been awhile since I was last on here...anyhow I have a big SASL question if you could is about whether a suspect counter gets activated by a unit landing by parachute? So un-cloaked in air prior to landing...but maybe "not known" either... Also does a para drop counter possibly "activate" a suspect in SASL? ???
Good evening. I have introduced several players to ASL SK and eventually transitioned to ASL. If you are still seeking a mentor, I would be happy to play.
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Simo Hayha
Simo Hayha
That's great, thanks for the support. Can we start with an easy scenario (even Sk1 S1 or similar)? I accept your suggestion , br, Daniel
SK1 or something similar would be perfect. My email address is We can discuss the game details with email.
HI Purist
I am up for joining the VASL tourney this Feb-March.
I didn't see how to send you the check with the 16 moneys tho.
Did I miss something?
I'm interested in RO playing .. just started another RB CG III via VASL .. I might as well come full circle. Russian side with German Balance is fine. pm here or email me: If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll 'em low ya'll! Happy New Year
Savannah, GA.
Hiya Pierce, sorry I missed your note till now. I just sent you an email with the scenario file. Hoping for a better 2021 than this crappy year...
Hi Grumble,

I read your latest blog posts and wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts. I'm very sorry that you're going through hard times right now, but I have no doubt that better things are around the corner for you. Stay strong and stay positive- this too shall pass.

Warmest regards,