Your all time top 10 scenarios

Discussion in 'Advanced Squad Leader' started by Roy, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    Well, Adam asked me in another thread and since I didn't want to completely derail it, I'll ask it here.
    I did search the ASL forums to see how long since a similar question had been asked and unless I missed something, it's been a while and with all the new products, I imagine some lists have changed. Feel free to give your reasons. Remember, not necessarily the best or most balanced, but your favorites. Perhaps a dog that was so much fun you'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    10. A80 Commando Schenke- no special reason, just a solid experience. I've played it a few times and it has yet to disappoint.

    9. ASL23 Under the Noel Trees- I will play this one anytime, anywhere. Tank country and Hellcats. Yes please.

    8. RB1 One down, Two to go- my favorite Red Barricades experience.

    7. ASL6 Red Packets- Nifty little chess match. Sets up and plays quick and what do you do with the truck with the 75 that has to fire out the back? Luv this action.

    6. J98 Lend Lease Attack- I love the situation, I love the pieces in play and it's another tense little chess game.

    5. A104 In Front of the Storm- I get to play with my favorite tanks. The little French monsters are a tough out for the doorknocker on the other side.

    4. ASL11 Defiance on Hill 30- just a fabulous scenario.

    3. A47 White Tigers- probably the best experience I've had playing ASL

    2. ASL77 Le Herisson- Another that I would set up and play anytime. Always a tight game.

    1. PBP22. Morire in Belleza- yep, my favorite all time scenario. Italians, Yugos, flamethrowers...... how can it ever get better than that?

    Ok, give me yours. I'd like to know what I should be playing.
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  2. Ummmm....
    1-10) Red Barricades CG III ;)
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  3. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003

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  4. Gunner Scott

    Gunner Scott Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2003
    Chicago, IL

    To me a top ten list has to be one where the scenarios are replayable multiple times. Very few if any fit that currently. So with that said, my favorite top ten are:

    10. OAF Grunewald- Super tense action with the Russians trying to overcome a well hidden German force as they advance on Berlin in 1945. Very replayable.

    9. CH22 Schwerepunkt- a Kloutky special with cool toys on both sides. A good late war in your face mash up that begs to be replayed several times.

    8. OB6 Hoffmiesters Charge- a Nice city fight with each side having a nice bunch of toys to throw at each other. the Russians even have Meat Chopper.

    7. OB13 Cats lair- another late war action with bothsides having lots of nice attack and defensive options. Plus the Russians have a Flame throwing T34/85, neat stuff and very replayable.

    6. ASL 84 Round One- A nice core scenario that depicts Poles trying to hold back the German blitzkreig in Warsaw. Very replayable.

    5. BFP 96 Hotly Contested Town- A very intense Kursk action as the Germans try to grind their way towards taking a heavily and fortified Russian village. We even see the Russians field a M3 Lee in this cool and very replayable scenario.

    4. BFP 29 Hoosure Docks- Cant go wrong with this one, Japs and Chinese in a knock out drag out city fight in the heart of Shanghai. Lots of pop guns, Chinese and other kool things that makes this one another very replayable scenario.

    3. ITR 20 Fill 'er up, Mac- Another BFP scenario with kool things for for bothsides. Dont let the little River crossing scare ya away, those rules are easy and well worth the effort to try and play this nice late war City fight.

    2. VotG 24 Raid on Radimtsev- Another great scenario I think with the Germans trying to crush the Russians in a pocket on the VotG map. Just infantry, but very fun.

    1. RB1 One down Two to Go- This is an absolute blast of a scenario that has a tone of of replay value and still gets played to this very day.

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  5. Eagle4ty

    Eagle4ty Active Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    Eau Claire, Wi
    I think this is an interesting thread line to reprise every so often. Here's mine to date (Scenarios only):

    #10. LSSAH#23 "His Men". A great city fight in the streets of Kharkov in the snow. Tons of fun. George really did a great job with this one!
    #9. RB6 Turned Away. Could have picked almost any RB scenario, but had just an especially great time with this one.
    #8. AP61 Desorby Defiant. Once again in the snow, this time with Americans desperately trying to hold on. (A Bulge scenario :thumbsup:).
    #7. J41 By Ourselves. Played several times with several different opponents with both sides, and never won but had a blast every time. Perhaps the opponents were as much fun as the scenario, but early war action with the Norwegians attacking (!). Hey, ya gotta love it.
    #6. OA23 A Midnight Clear. A night scenario without many of the hassles of a night scenario. A great concept of two forces crossing the paths of each other in the forests of Belgium on Christmas Eve/Day 1944. If you want to try a night scenario for the first time but were too intimidated by all the rules, try this one out; It's a blast! (yup, another Bulge scenario :clap:).
    #5. BFP-54 Shenam Pass. Boy a lot of great ones to pick from this pack (Blood & Jungle), but this one was especially rewarding for each side. The Japanese have allied troops and the Brits are in somewhat of a pickle but in a great position. Got to bring a lot of talents to this one but have a lot of options as well.
    #4. SP 202 Fiery Finale. Love late war? Well this one sure has it all for a small scenario. King Tigers, JS-II's, ISU beasts and even a SPW 251/16 Flame Boy! I'd play it again in a heartbeat!
    #3. J23 Kamphgruppe Karachev. Great little puzzle with a lot happening for a small scenario. A real head scratcher and loads of fun to play either side.
    #2. ASL 192 Shoot-N-Scoot! Man, just can't say enough good about this scenario! Pete's 1st officially published scenario (as G29 in "The General"), it has all the toys! It is intimidating with a large OBA, a plethora of "kitty cats", M8 Armored cars and a wealth of other goodies to push around. The action is non-stop from start to finish and will probably end with a CC in the last turn (well at least it has the four times I've played it-AND it's a Bulge scenario :bow:)!

    :waiting: Well, here we are. What does this old geezer think is the best scenario?
    #1.:hellyes: A76 Night Drop. EASILY my top pick. Here it is: A night para drop into Normandy, totally random drop points, lousy terrain to drop into, a mixed bag of defenders to overcome, AND you must withstand a German counterattack as it turns daylight! No two games will ever be exactly alike, but the end game is usually very tense and always seems to go down to the wire. As with most para-drop scenarios, almost anything can and most probably will happen. That alone will keep you laughing for for a long time after you've played this one. It's big, it's bad and it's a blast!

    Awful hard to pick these, especially the 5-10 selections, but it's always good to force yourself to draw the line somewhere and make a hard decision. The next time this question is posited I'll probably have a different list (at least for the last few), but these are all quite excellent scenarios for my call as it stands now.
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  6. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    Hueishan Docks almost made my list also.
    Two votes for 'One Down, Two to go.'

    Good choices Scott!
  7. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    Night Drop!!!!! Definitely no way I thought that one would make a list, much less a #1! When I played it, my paras suffered badly.... but that was a long time ago in a living room far, far away.
  8. buser333

    buser333 Active Member

    Jun 24, 2013
    central WI
    First let me preface this with the fact that I have really only been playing 4.5 years, so my exposure to many scenarios is more limited than most. But here is my list, more or less in order:

    #10 - WCW1 Will To Fight...Eradicated. I love a good attack/counterattack scenario. Add the infrequently used marketplace building, cellars, HTH fighting, and you have a good chaotic city brawl.

    #9 - FB1 Uncles and Pups. I love the Festung Budapest map. The Germans and Hungarians are holed up in the railway station, protected by wire, mines, guns, and an elevated railroad (not my favorite section of the rules to read BTW).

    #8 - ASL77 Le Herisson. Not sure why this one is quite so appealing as it's pretty much just a straight up city fight. I think because each side has to make optimal use of what they have. The Germans with their tanks (smoke) and the French with their low ammo MGs, roadblocks, HIP units, and fortified building.

    #7 - ASL10 The Citadel. I have yet to experience this one in all its glory as both times I've played it it effectively ended early. How can it be a classic then? It's just so damn big and cool that's why!

    #6 - DB130 Tigers and Flames. The Germans really need their guns and tanks to show up in this one as they face a formidable Russian force. Yet another attack/counterattack scenario, which is probably why I like it so much. And it's old school, spending half the scenario just getting into position. And I like old school.

    #5 - SP214 Makela's End. What can I say? I love scenarios for the Spanish Civil War. Crappy tanks that can be taken out with MGs and ATRs, a tough walled hillside city to crack, and enough tanks to add spice.

    #4 - J159 Tropic Lighting. A fantastic chess match of a scenario over a wide multi-front field of play. And when PTO is done right, it is my favorite theater.

    #3 - AP53 Far From Home. More Spanish Civil War. More multi-front fighting which, after attack/counterattack, are my favorite types of scenarios.

    #2 - ASL27 The Liberation of Tulle. A bunch of crappy ELR troops duking it out against each other. Partisans are yet another favorite in my best scenario recipe.

    #1 - J41 By Ourselves. Like ASL77 I'm not quite sure why I find this one so appealing. It's all about how long the outnumbered Germans can hold out before their life-saving reinforcements make it on board.
  9. Eagle4ty

    Eagle4ty Active Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    Eau Claire, Wi
    Guess I always liked fighting from a hole (in game terms that is). You have to make the best of what's available at any given time and place and hope you can consolidate & reorganize the best you can, for either side! There's a whole different level to this one as it is so chaotic at times, it really stretches your abilities to plan let alone execute. If you love to have a reasonable level control of most everything and fight a set piece engagement, it is certainly not one for you. However, this reminds me so much of having to make on the spot decisions and make do the best you can with what you've got at almost any instance, I love it. As Murphy's Laws of Combat state: "If you're short of everything except the enemy, you're in combat". This one certainly reminds me of that feeling. Exhilarating!
  10. Gunner Scott

    Gunner Scott Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    Other then One Down Two to Go, you guys have some really bland tastes in scenarios. Nothing on those lists are scenarios I would want to either play or play again.

  11. Craig Benn

    Craig Benn Active Member

    Nov 7, 2013
    The Citadel 10 – the mechanic of dr+turn number of Russian squads can move is darn near perfect. Both sides feel the pressure of the clock, and must push their attacks recklessly.

    Khamsin 37 – the dust hindrance dr ruins all your plans, proverbial knife fight in a phone booth.

    For Honor Alone 82 – feel the despair of 1940 as you match the german war machine with just bravery and crap tanks.

    The Cactus Farm J50 – a clever defender has all the tools to make this really hard, but you better know what you’re doing or you will be slaughtered…

    Setting the Stage J53 – In the dictionary under replayability it says ‘see this’. Pete Shellings finest moment. No OB or VC choice is the right one, be prepared to change your plans as you go along.

    Firestorm in St Manvieu BTB4 – Nothing more satisfying than killing SS with crocodiles and creeping barrages. Master race my ar*e.

    Got Milk HS26 – attack and defend in the open. This ain’t no Stalingrad – maneuver, maneuver, maneuver!

    Children of the Kunai PB3 – a little bit of everything, blended perfectly. Japanese have to use every Chapter G trick they can, Aussies have to man up as much as they can.

    Will to fight eradicated WCW1 – how can an infantry only scenario when one side has ELR1 works so well? It just does…it just does – even using board 12 doesn’t ruin it.

    Shenam pass BFP54 – Using 7-6-8’s is just unsporting and childish. Proper PTO scenarios are Brits/Ghurkas vs Japanese with lots and lots of toys on both sides.
  12. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    But what do you really think Scott? :D
  13. If I had to pick a scenario (rather than CG) The Citadel would definitely be one of 'em.
    I've played that one either three or four times, tough choices to be made each time, but the setting is so cool.

    Another is a Starter Kit 3 scenario: S26 Last Ally, Last Victory.
    2 late Pz IVs, 3 Panthers and 2 Tiger IIs vs 3 IS-2s, 6 T 34/85s and a 57LL AT, yet it's the PBI that have to take buildings to win.
    Lots of action, and no bypass to make maneuver a bit tougher.
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  14. Sparafucil3

    Sparafucil3 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Oct 7, 2004
    In no particular order:

    A60 - Totsugeki
    FrF12 - Fields of Black Gold
    A47 - White Tigers
    RBF44 - Steelingrad
    FrF2 - Maczek Fire Brigade
    FrF23 - Elephants Unleashed
    FrF26 - Polish Requiem (My all time favorite)
    ESG46 - Mad Mike's Finest Hour -- Give the IJA one more turn and this is dead even
    SP161 - Federov's Incursion
    AP57 - Kleckerweise
    AP62 - Shouting Into the Storm
    FrF78 - No Glory in War

    -- jim
  15. Honza

    Honza The Art Of Wargames Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 30, 2005
    A few monsters for the pot:

    Destroy All Monsters - ESG Dezign Pack
    Bloody Red Beach
    119 - From Uncommon Valor
    The Damned Die Hard - one of Scott's.
    Baraque De Fraiture
    Valhalla Bound
    The Last Bid
    Jungle Citadel
    The Liberators
    Flying Turrets - BFP
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  16. Honza

    Honza The Art Of Wargames Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 30, 2005
    Alternate top 10.

    The Bitter End - HOB
    Hueishan Docks
    Sea Of Tranquility
    Awakening Of Spring
    Breakout From Borisov
    Chateau De Quesnoy
    Hill 621
    White Tigers
    The First Bid
    Black Day For The 116th - CH Omaha
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  17. Martin Mayers

    Martin Mayers Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2008
    I can only assume you've never played Cold Crocodiles or Merzenheuzen Zoo ??
  18. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    I have played Cold Crocodiles, it was a long time ago and I was a worse player than I am now. It was not memorable, though I can definitely see why it could be.

    As for Merzenhauzen Zoo, I am playing it for the first time as we type, I have the Germans and my opponent has had 5 allied tanks recalled by the end of turn 2. Definitely feels like an excellent dust up, and lots of things to do. I am looking forward to my reinforcements and certainly think it could make my top 10. We'll see.

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  19. Roy

    Roy Living in Brownbackistan

    Oct 1, 2003
    Thanks for all the responses. I see some on multiple lists that indicate I should try them. It looks like Honza veers towards the big stuff and Scott is into the big urban combined arms battles. There are many on everyone's lists that I have played, so that's a good thing. Everyone has their thing, a lot of variety.

    More please if there are others out there with some favorites.
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  20. Steven Pleva

    Steven Pleva Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2007
    My representative top 10. I'm sure I'm missing something...

    CH5 Acts of Defiance (German balance)
    ESG3 Resistance at Paderborn
    FrF69 To Ashes
    ToT42 Thunderbolts (American balance)
    CH18 Raging Furnace
    TOT32 Denouement
    WCW7 Eye of the Tiger
    66 The Bushmasters (American balance)
    42 Point on No Return (disallow unarmored vehicle sleaze where they lead the attack to generate dust)
    J19 Merzenhauzen Zoo
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