hakkaa päälle

  1. larth

    Hakkaa Päälle! Errata and FAQ

    Will be collecting an unofficial list here. Hopefully the errata stays very short! :bite: Errata Chapter B: on Chapter B replacement page B43, Footnote 3A should be Footnote 3B, and new Footnote 3A from the Journal 10 Debriefing should be added. H190 reference to rule E7.312. This should...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    Hakkaa Päälle and Finnish anti-tank weaponry

    This thread and specifically this post by Geoff White reminded me that many of us are eagerly awaiting the release of Hakkaa Päälle, the Finnish ASL module. An old thread on the Combat Mission forums was recently resurrected in which their research into Finnish anti-tank weapons was discussed; I...
  3. F

    Board 52

    Sirs (and ladies, if any) A friend of mine ask me if I know in which module, action pack or magazine was board 52 included. Even owning one of them (both of us) we can't remember... Any idea? Gracias. Fernando.-
  4. rdw5150

    Call for Playtesters from MMP

    Hakkaa Päälle! Playtesting We are ready to start outside playtesting for the Hakkaa Päälle! rules and scenarios. Yes, the mighty Finnish module is ready for outside playtesting, and we need your help. Lars Thuring and Tuomo Lukkari have done a great job of getting the module to this point...
  5. jpellam

    New ideas for renaming Hakkaa Päälle ?

    With the release of the planned 13th and final core module Hakkaa Päälle starting to appear on the radar screen I was thinking that there has to be a better name other than Hakkaa Päälle . Maybe this is a good place to ban together and convince/persuade MMP to choose another more inspiring...
  6. Sven

    Finnish Scenario List

    Howdy Folks! I had a couple of questions about ASL Finn scenarios: 1. Is there some way to get a current list of all ASL scenarios (official and TPP) that involve the Finns? 2. What is the current status of the HP project? (sorry if I missed any recent posts on this). Thanks very much...
  7. C

    Hakkaa Päälle (HP) Rumor

    I heard that HP might not be a core module release, but an Action Pack offering.:whist: Can anyone confirm this? And if it is true, would this be the best way to bring the updated Finns into the fold?:hmmm:
  8. Pitman

    Should Hakkaa Päälle Be Called Hakkaa Päälle?

    The working title for the last "core" ASL module, a Finnish module, is Hakkaa Päälle, which is apparently some Finnish slogan or war cry or something. Do you think this unpronounceable, unspellable, meaningless (to English speakers) phrase should be the title of the ASL Finnish module?
  9. W

    Finnish Troops

    One thing I have never understood was the design decisions behind Finnish Troops. At the outbreak of the Winter War the two Nationalities’ squads would have looked something like this: Finnish Rifle Squad 1 x 9mm SMG (M1931 Suomi) 9 x 7.62 mm Rifle (M1891 Mosin-Nagant Bolt Action Rifle)...