1. robertdelwood

    ASLSK 4 Online Rules ASLSK 4 online rules. This should make reading the rules easier, and especially with searching. This is a prototype and being updated. This version is the rules only, with no graphics and no examples. There are many links, to rules or terms. The wording...
  2. T

    ASLSK FtF in Pittsburg, PA May 24-26?

    I will be in that area those dates and would like to try to get in an ASLSK game. I will be attending the weekly gamer's meeting Friday at the Giant Eagle and that will likely be the best opportunity for me. I am comfortable with all rules except hedgerows, and would love to play a combined-arms...
  3. T

    ASLSK FtF in St. Paul, MN May 15-19?

    Will be in town for consulting work. Former average-level full ASL player. Stepping back in with SKs. Can play all rules except hedgerows.
  4. A

    Looking for ASLSK VSAL PbEM intro game

    Hi all, I'm a relatively new ASLSK player (three F2F games of SK1) frustrated with the difficulty of finding face to face players. I've not played PbEM before but am confident I've got an understanding of the process and would love to have a game with someone who won't be frustrated by the...
  5. G.L.O.A.T.

    Teaching my Wife to Drive

    There are some things married men SHOULD know better than to try. As it turns out, she is a much better driver than I am anyway, so this might be easier than I thought. What are we learning to drive then? Manual transmission? Sort of, I suppose, but no. "Tanks." "You're welcome." No...
  6. BattleSchool

    From Start to Finnish: ASLSK at Ten

    The first in an eight-part series is now posted. Please alert me if you encounter any errors. Cheers, Chris
  7. L

    Firing up the Starter Kit This Weekend

    My first ASL game in years. Can't wait. Something to do while I re-acquaint myself with the full rules. Always loved a pure infantry game...
  8. L

    Looking for FTF in Central Maryland or Annapolis

    Getting back into ASL after a long while and hoping to find someone semi-local for FTF play. I'm interested in ASLSK and ASL proper. Hope I can keep them straight. I live in Sykesville, but will soon be working in Annapolis, so anything along the MD art 32 corridor is probably good...
  9. D

    ASLSK Opponent

    Looking for someone to start at ASLSK Scenario 1 and go all the way to the end. on VASL, I figure this will be a good way to learn everything about the game in time. After SK, It would be fun to play with this person in full rules. I figured this would be a good way to take two new people and...
  10. J

    Looking for VASL opponent/coach for ASLSK and/or ASL

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone with time and patience to play via VASL either ASLSK or ASL. I have played several ASLSK scenarios FTF and am wanting to learn and play more. I could easily do 4+ logs/week. Cheers! John
  11. BigAl737

    Starter Kit Scenarios With Full Rules

    As an ASL returnee...(the starter kits sucked me back in after a 15 year hiatus), I've just started playing ASLSK scenarios with the full rules. I figured that I'd use the full rules since ASL is just like riding a bike (except where its different) and I'm surprised by how much I still remember...
  12. P

    Looking for ASLSK PBEM opponent

    Hey all, I'm looking for somebody to PBEM some ASLSK #1 scenarios with, 5-7 plays a week.
  13. todd.jayhawk

    AAR - S3 Simple Equation

    I just posted a rather lengthy AAR about my solo play of S3 at BGG. I look forward to any comments or suggestions.
  14. H

    dumb question about pinned units

    From a complete noob playing solo at home .... It's unclear to me when to remove the pin counters from pinned units. Is it: 1) at the end of each player's turn for all players regardless of whether they are attacker or defender? 2) at the end of a game turn, i.e. when the turn chart...
  15. H

    Classic SL scenarios for ASLSK

    Can you use the classic SL scenarios for ASLSK without modification? I know that MMP has a download for the classic SL scenarios, but are they modified for ASL and if so are there modified versions for ASLSK? I read somewhere on BGG that if converting SL scenarios to ASL then one of the...
  16. jrv

    ASLSK: ATT by Moving/Motion vehicles

    ASLSK: > Question:Can a vehicle use Area Target Type while in Motion? Can a vehicle use Area Target Type as Bounding First Fire? No to both. ....Perry
  17. jrv

    ASLSK: To Hit Range zero. ATT Range zero. CC with friendly and enemy AFVs

    > Question:None of the To Hit Charts include range zero. Are the TH numbers the > same as range one? Yes. > > Can the Area Target Type be used at range zero? If it can, since the ATT affects > all units in the target hex, does it affect the firer? No. NA. > > If there are both...
  18. jrv

    ASL Starter Kit #3.8 vs. PAATC and Close Combat Example

    > Rule:ASL Starter Kit #3 3.8 > Question:Note: this is an ASL Starter Kit #3 question > > Per ASLSK #3 rule 3.8, a "vehicle may attack Infantry in CC with its AAMG (if > the vehicle is CE), its CMG (unless that CMG may fire through the VCA only), a > RMG, close defense weapons, and/or the...
  19. Fred Ingram

    Starter Kit Offboard Setup Restrictions

    -------------- Original message -------------- From: Fred Ingram <> There is nothing in the starter Kit rules about units entering the map having to commit to entry hexes prior to turn start Was this a conscious decision or something that was forgotten when...