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  • You, sir, are way too kind and too generous with your time. Thank you very much for helping a novice along.
    "He has won the lifetime achievement award... twice
    He has taught old dogs a variety of new tricks
    He never wears a watch because time is always on his side
    Sharks have a week dedicated to him
    He is allowed to talk about the fight club

    Roll low, my friend,"

    "Another repressive regime trying to stamp out our rights. We need to fight this!"

    "Given all this interest, I think we have a clear front-runner for "Product of the Year, 2014.""


    Give him time.
    Rep was not available, but thanks for this old post. It solved a mid-game dilemma this evening! (RE: AFV MG malf in CC)
    "Yes, it malfunctions. D3.7 is the rule. It is not normal fire because A9.7 refers only to IFT/TH fire, but D3.7 adds CC attacks."
    "It's only bad sportsmanship if he figures it out. Until then, I'm the most helpful ASL player alive."

    Hi jrv,

    I was wondering if it is possible (or a good idea) to move the VotG ROAR results with the rest of the MMP HASL ROAR results? So that it comes after BRT, instead of being all on its own under the letter "V" section. What do you think?

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