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  • Hi Xavier
    I was just trying lots of tricks to try and read the FTC 8 articles (Free french one as an example) since the background picture (watermark) makes it really hard to read the words behind the pictures
    Is It possible to have just a word document so I can finally read it and not got bleary eyes - very happy to pay as you guys are worth the money
    Lots of time in these COVID 19 days


    Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Hi Rob, sorry about it. Please tell me which article, as I don't have any paper copy here with me. Cheers! X
    Hi Xavier

    Thanks for this - its great

    Article is "Cross of Lorraine" - from the cellar pack 8


    Hi Xavier
    Received my copy of "The Fight For Seoul" today and wow!!!! .. what a fantastic product ..
    Reading Smiths Ridge Rules and noticed that there are no counters with a Red Dot
    as referenced in section 3 "USMC & KMC Battalion Area of Responsibility (AoR)"
    Am I missing a sheet of counters?
    Cheers ya'll!
    Pierce Mason
    Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Pierce, I am really sorry.... just read your message now, more than 3 months after you sent it... Apologies :( When back in France I will be able to send you a countersheet with Red Dots. Sorry about it.... Best, X
    Hey X-man,

    Thanks for posting the counter scans. I am trying to create an Armory page for the LFT counters and other TPP counter producers (Just like Reid Hutchison is doing for the "Official" counters.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Me cago en la leche, no los he visto.... porfa, vuelvemelos a mandar pues por lo visto han desaparecido en le mundo virtual :(

    Un abrazo;

    I broke into some school tuition funds and ordered KGS through Bounding Fire...looking forward to this!
    Thanks man. I would tell you Happy New Year but why don't you ask Jeff DeYoung? I'm sure he'd love to wish you a Happy New Year! :angry:

    Yes, thanks, we exchanged several emails about it and Jazz informed me. It's ok with me, but I still think it is not fair...
    Thanks for your help! :)
    Hi, I asked Jazz about the LFT support forum and he said Don does not want any more support forums to be created. So that is the reason LFT has not been given a space of its own.
    I've relocated to the West Coast of the US, so am on ASL hiatus and didn't see your response (this time-delay exchange reminds me of old PBM games). Glad you liked it. I also have a post on page 6 of the "What 3rd Party Publishers..." discussion that deals with copyright law. I expected to get shelled for posting it, but got a good response. When I get back to ASL, someone out here probably has Op. Chariot and I'll see if I can give it a go.
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