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  • Credit where it is due my friend, your products continue to get better
    Hi Xavier, ordered my copy via Silas again , now just waiting in anticipation !!
    Damn X, your St. Nazaira HASL looks awesome. I can't wait to get one or two:)
    Thank you for the postcard. I think the temperatures are much better in Guadelupe than here in Germany...

    take care
    Many thanks Xavier, hope that you had a good time, I had 4 generations of my family over at Xmas!!!!
    Hi Xavier, Got my three copies yesterday from Silas , Yet another amazing product from you guys . Love the counters keep up the good work, and if I can help in any way I would be willing to help .
    p.s. and I have yet again my wife to thank for the TP asl stuff!!!!!
    Hi Xavier, have got my friend Silas to order 3 copies of your latest pack for me, cannot wait to see them, and as usual my wife is buying them!!!!! oh how I love her
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