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  • I just sent you rep for your post #147 and wanted to add that LFT shouldn't change a thing. Operation Chariot is outstanding, for starters. Personally, after being away from ASL for 18 years, I came back to find the game in disarray. The community (local groups and Third Party Producers) does some great things, but the official ASL sources leave a lot to be desired. And Hasbro is like any American corporation - reaping huge profits from Chinese labor. There's no way they'll spend the money to do anything about any ASL TPP.
    Credit where it is due my friend, your products continue to get better
    Hi Xavier, ordered my copy via Silas again , now just waiting in anticipation !!
    Damn X, your St. Nazaira HASL looks awesome. I can't wait to get one or two:)
    Thank you for the postcard. I think the temperatures are much better in Guadelupe than here in Germany...

    take care
    Many thanks Xavier, hope that you had a good time, I had 4 generations of my family over at Xmas!!!!
    Hi Xavier, Got my three copies yesterday from Silas , Yet another amazing product from you guys . Love the counters keep up the good work, and if I can help in any way I would be willing to help .
    p.s. and I have yet again my wife to thank for the TP asl stuff!!!!!
    Hi Xavier, have got my friend Silas to order 3 copies of your latest pack for me, cannot wait to see them, and as usual my wife is buying them!!!!! oh how I love her
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