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    Advancing Fire pre-orders

    Hi Listers, Just seen that: BIAZZA RIDGE 159 / 125 Reached! BREVITY ASSAULT 164 / 155 Reached! Congratulations to Sebi and his team for reaching the preorders they needed. I am eager to see the result of your designs / developments. :) Best, X
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    We lost a fellow ASLer yesterday

    My condolences. Very sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. X
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    Missing Scenario Card

    Just sent you an email Bill. Cheers, X
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    Update on Desperation Morale Update

    Hi Carl, True, I am fully aware of this. BUT thus far, Mark's site is just displaying nine CH products for 2020. Thus my comment since IMHO, on the one hand he's spent a lot of time for all these CH products (that probably only a few might ever read), while on the other hand CdG, Königsberg or...
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    Update on Desperation Morale Update

    Thanks for these efforts Mark, much appreciated. Nevertheless, may I suggest you to stop commenting CH products, or at least as JRV suggested above, to write the minimum physical description, e.g. "one sheet of counters, one map, five scenarios?" In 2018, 21 products out of 35 were from...
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    FfS Q+A

    Should perfectly fit within the pages of LFT 15 :) X
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    LFT shipping problems

    Thanks to everyone for all the messages of sympathy, much appreciated. And thank you very much to Lionel, who's been processing all the shipments during my deployments, unswervingly! X
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    LFT shipping problems

    Sometimes life is cruel... My Dad went to take a nap today and didn't wake up. He's passed away January 21st, same day he got married to my Mam back in 1961. He would have been 85 years on April 16th. :(
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    LFT shipping problems

    Once again, thank you all for your messages. My Dad is now in good hands and feels a bit happier than when he was with his over-busy son, and my Mum should have all the papers she needs within a couple of weeks: this will grant her a medical bed, a wheel chair as well as all the necessary care...
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    Another one gone

    So sad news.. he visited me several times in Compiègne since by that time, LFT was going to resume Kohima and Uwe had been involved in this project from the very start. A great guy, a great player and a great friend. Condolences to his family. Rest in peace Uwe.
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    LFT shipping problems

    Thank you all for your messages, much, much appreciated. We have a saying in the Corps, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" but all your marks of friendship and care are making things easier. I will fly to Paris next week and then to Phnom Penh, where it will be safer and much...
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    LFT shipping problems

    Hi all, and sorry to bother you with some personal problems but it's better that I inform our friends here, since there may be some delays in shipping LFT products. I am having trouble with my parents, staying at home with me since both of them have Alzheimer, and we just can't handle anymore...
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    Congratulations to Le Franc Tireur

    Thanks a lot Mark :) Andy made a terrific job of research and Tom drew more than 100 versions of the map.... Thanks again, X
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    It is Olli. With an extra :) X