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  • "... yet when a Mexican makes it across the border then it's different... "

    Hilarious, but can't rep. Nice.
    Thanks for the rep, maybe its me but I wear black Hugo Boss suits most of the time !!
    "No I know what class is but don't usually think along those lines. I think the value of class labels has waned a lot in modern British society, where "working class" people can end up on quite impressive wages for doing skilled manual work. Doesn't mean that they're not working class if they earn more than the lower middle class. As for myself, I receive a working class wage, have a middle class job and read middle class papers. I live in a part of town where most people don't have jobs because that's all I can afford, buying a house on one wage. I have disdain for popular culture, hardly ever watching mainstream TV. I can not decide what class I am in."

    If you're confused about your class, I thought I should clear it up. I've met you and you have no class whatsoever :)

    Thought this comment didn't belong in the thread but someone had to make it!
    r/atheism? Yes, but not actively. Too noisy to really want to get involved. I like it here where there are only a few dozen noisy people.
    You sir, are a genius. "No. No. No. Make it an American gay. He's so patriotic he couldn't complain. " Couldn't rep you.
    Whaddya mean you don't like guns? Something wrong with you boy? Yeeeeeeehaaaaw, lets shoot us some burglars! Or peasants. Or anyone.
    Gun control summarised - Americans like guns because it makes them feel safer. The rest of the world dislike guns because it make them feel safer. I know which side of that argument I like to live on.......
    Couldn't rep you, even though liking the TRL makes you a pretentious git! Your wine will be picked in about two weeks and ready for purchase in about 18 months, although I'm taking preorders :)
    Thanks for all the recent rep. But no, I won't be your dad. One more kid's worth of headaches would kill me dead.
    "I also use them when I have an all SS OB and do so because it would annoy Pitcavage"

    That type is what the scrote is: A sniveling coward.

    Martin was brave today. He did the right thing despite the fact it almost broke him.
    "Might one enquire why you might want to suggest martin is a coward because he calls out an ex drug dealing war profiteer from a nation with a yellow streak?"

    Because he compared himself to the x-drug dealer as being "that type"???? You've missed the context, sir!
    thanks for the counter tab rep trev, hope to see you at Blackpool! fingers crossed...
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