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  • Hey budro. Do you remember where the pic is of Holst holding the diorama saying something about a Tiger (wrongly of course)?
    "Well, yes, but apart from"nearly everything" there's nothing I don't know."

    Don't worry about it. Those guys are some of my favorites but I don't blindly follow them and discount their obvious faults (unlike the Scrote). Just some friendly trash talking among friends. ;)
    No I'm not anything like Tater. I believe that the Pats cheated, were caught and paid the largest price anyone has paid so far for cheating. Favre is a ponce why? Because the media keeps wondering if he's going to retire/unretire? How is that his fault? :hmmm:
    Not born again. My dad is a methodist preacher but I haven't gone to church since I moved out (except a few times). Not a drug dealer either or a drug user ever (unless you count the stuff I have to take now cuz of the stroke). :)
    thanks for the REP Trev , you know me Soooo well ! That said I have never gone over 120 GBP for anything on E-bay! , well anything I had the winning bid on!! Been beaten several times on amounts in the mid to upper three figures tho!
    Thanks for the rep.
    Some people on these forums....must realise that making un-educated and ill-informed comments on subjects they are ignorant of is a very dangerous thing to do.
    Not a problem, the forum is more aggravating than ever.. I can barely stand it myself. I'm hardly spending time there.
    "The scrote on the other hand... he's just a bad man. Do you know he was a drug dealer once? Forgiven himself, as you might expect, having found god. Convenient..."

    Hi Trev!! well might just go next year, but not to take part in the tourney!!! so what do you fancy playing?? Flying Turrets????
    Hi there Dan. Long time since we played at ASLOK 11 years ago! You still Bridge and Tunnel?
    Hi Trev I've been trying to rep you but I gots to spread the love around some more before it will let me 8=)
    Liked the rep comment. Right about Royalist but I am sure you realise it be pikes in the background (hard to paint them fish are) rather proud of the finish really, given they are 15mm

    Enjoy next weekend, I'm aiming for a return to Blackpool but odds are not so good.

    Absolutely true. He's the only hard Sci Fi author I read anymore. I'll read Orson Card's stuff, but not for a "Sci Fi" fix. I just happen to like his characters. Other than Gibson, you have to go back in time, not forward. I like Phillip K Dick a lot, Asimov was good as was Bradbury.
    Nice one Trev :) Anything below 9 degrees and your tyres start to drop off dramatically in performance and grip. set of winter tyres and you are better off than any Chelsea tractor in the snow and a price. 100 miles a day commute, money well spent but i couldn't resist a moan ;-)
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