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  • Hi,
    if you still have free slot, i could be your man for 'purple fight' :).

    let me know
    "Just like they say he (President) is weak but has prosecuted the Drone Wars much greater than GW, killed OBL, is reducing the deficit, is hogtied by a GOP led House, but for everything he gets no credit, only blame. As if any of us could do a better job with what he has to work with."

    Can't rep again so soon :clap:
    "Your problem is that is that you were able..."

    Why do you hate America? :angry: :flag:
    "I use to play AD&D regularly but then I really wanted to get laid so the books had to go!"

    "I, nor anyone I work with, is even in the same hemisphere as what doggie talks about above."

    Is anybody in his fantasy land? ;)
    "You can say what you want. I ran a logistics platoon in Fallujah, Iraq (2006/07) and we suffered as many casualties as any 'front line' Company in our Battalion, 3 KIA and 11 WIA with one a quadriplegic. There was not a good day to move through the city.

    I laugh at you as much as my troops laughed at a drunk Bravo Company Marine who thought he was making fun of them after we returned. You were probably a **** bird in uniform anyways."

    I wonder if he was even in uniform the way he brags about it. :rolleyes:
    "I was actually thinking that you were going to spell correctly in two consecutive posts but alas, No."


    KED thinks AA & minorities are keeping him down but it's actually his 2nd grade education.
    "I can't believe you typed that with a straight face! Romney has changed his position on just about everything since the beginning of his presidential campaign."

    "Why is that you call everyone that doesn't agree with you a 'liberal'?"

    That is the standard response. Calling someone a liberal is worse than calling them Hitler or a child molester. ;)
    "I hear you, you have to set your priorities. I mean really, do you have to feed your kid?"

    "In our current political system, the 'best person for the job' cannot raise enough money to supplant the Hacks that keep getting re-elected"

    Hi TopT, Have you finished your tour of duty yet? I remember you saying it will be over soon and then you will have time for ASL. I hope you enjoy getting into the game after your service. Well done man! Regards, Jan.
    Howdy TopT! Welcome home. I made it to Winter Offensive and ended up winning the ASLSK tourney. Cliff Smith has been tutoring me on Monday nights for a few months. Next week we are playing full infantry ASL for the first time, so I won't be a total newb when we get together.

    I recently started a new job, so I 'm not sure how my vacation will shake out. At the very least I hope to get to the WBC this summer. In any case, I will be ready when you are for a game.

    Take care,

    (717) 921-2879
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