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  • Sent you a set up. If you didn't get, I must have the email wrong. Mine is Talk to you later.
    I went through what scenarios I have and I am looking at these three. They are ESG42, BFP52 and ASL105. If you have them, take a look at them and choose one. If you don't like any of them, pick one and we'll play that.
    I am good all day Saturday and Sunday up to 4. I'll look for something small that is simple to play. Probably just infantry to start off with. Any further input let me know. I'll touch base later.
    Hey whats up? Would you want to try a small VASL/Skype scenario this upcoming weekend? It would be my first one so bring patience and beer! Talk to you later.
    I have thought about it. I wouldn't mind going. I would rather drive it than fly. Are you going?
    Read Starship Troopers on Sunday. It was a decent book. Iam surprised I never read anything by Heinlen considering I was a voracious reader growing up. I am still messing with the VASL and when I get it set up we'll have to get a game in.
    A game? Against you? *sigh* alright. I'll be getting in (hopefully) Tuesday night. Will you be there all week?
    Run into any wannabes lately? I already reserved a room at ASLOK from 10/03/10-10/11/10. I think I asked if you needed a roomie for ASLOK at Bitter Ender. If you don't need one or the dates don't work out let me know. I think a lot of the guys in the group up here are going this year so getting a roomie is not a problem. Let me know. As soon as I figure out the VASL stuff we'll have to get a game in. Talk to you later.
    Thanks, for the rep and for prompting me to rep Gunner. Sometimes after I read a really good, funny or informative post I forget to rep, especially after a long session reading posts, You woke me up.
    Sorry about that brain fart I had on Sunday morning. For some reason I was thinking of panzerfausts and the CCV of squads that used a SW. None of which applied to that situation. Of course you were right from the get go but it took me a second to see the light. If you're interested in a roomie for ASLOK, let me know.
    I should be at the hotel by 1700 on Thursday. When you get in, you can call me at 313 220-8207.
    I'll be chicking in to the hotel around 5 pm on the 11th. If you're in that early, maybe we can get a game in or just nurse some beer. Let me know.
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