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    Trump - NATO

    Yep, exactly what Comrade Putin wants. Americans thinking that Europe should be on its own. Trump will do his bidding and sow as much doubt as possible. Ask the people living in the Baltics (IE: Nato member) if they think we don't need Nato? The cyber attacks (in the Baltic countries) going on...
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    Impossible to beat ASL!

    Those look excellent. Way past anything that I would do but good on you! If I had retired, comfortably, 20 years ago maybe, but then again that wasn't going to happen either :)
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    No one is even claiming that is all luck. Just you hyperventilating once again. To say that there is no percentage of luck in anything is complete horse crap. Did he say that he did not pay taxes, anywhere? What are you going on about?
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    Interesting article about 'free speech'

    So what if my avatar is who he is. I served 30 years. I am proud of it. All i ever got from you was that I stayed because i could not get a job in the private sector. It is no different than you talking about being a CFO all of the time and how you know so much about how markets work and so on...
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    This I wholeheartedly agree with. You got that lucky break & have the wisdom to understand it for what it is and take full advantage of the situation that has just been presented to you. Some do not ever understand when/ when not to use a situation that comes their way.
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    My point exactly but there is a factor of luck. That is all that I am saying.
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    Interesting article about 'free speech'

    That is all that you do on this forum, call people names that will not agree your arguments. Isn't that correct Donald, errr... Dave?
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    No, that is luck. He was pulling away and for some odd reason he just stopped. No reason except something struck him as odd. I did not have any chance to jump off of the fork truck until he stopped. Current trajectory I was doomed. You do not want to admit that 'luck' plays any part in anyones...
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    Interesting article about 'free speech'

    Nope, you are the one missing the point :). Dave will never stop showing the left how wrong they are again & again & again...
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    So I was working the other night and had too many tasks to accomplish and forgot what it was that I was doing. I forgot to lock a trailer into the dock, started to load him and less than 10 min. later he started to pull away from the dock. My fork truck was caught between the trailer & the dock...
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    Trump's Party

    yeah Dave, you never use emotion...:confused:
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    America - in decline or getting better?

    Yeah, my wife and I were looking at a couple of places to maybe move to, Spain being one of them. It is a bit pricey but much more relaxed. Mexico, Central & South America are out as you really are taking some chances, unless your a hermit in your gated community. What fun is that. My daughter...
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    Tuesday night live VASL

    This is perfect. I started a conversation with my e-mail sent.
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    ASLARCHIVE is down

    Now he's just playing with you guys... :)
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    Vic Provost MIA Explained

    Wow, things happen so quickly. Glad to hear that he is on the mend. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.