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    McCabe and Mr. Mueller

    What are you talking about? Republicans are running everything right now. What are you going to blame on the Democrats? Do you think I give a f**k about McCabe? He lost his pension, for now, but he's not going to prison. Waste more tax payer money investigating HRC, that is all the Republicans...
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    Whole Bunch of ASLComp Middle East

    Holy crap! That is a lot of ASL stuff. How could anyone even attempt to keep up with the releases from CH? disclaimer: I have a LOT of early CH releases.
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    Leibstandarte Packs

    Your going to enjoy them. We are on # 14 ourselves.
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    Bitter Ender Live Updates

    and the award for best tournament update goes to Ray...:hellyes:
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    McCabe and Mr. Mueller

    We are seeing how your swamp creatures are turning out in real time...
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    McCabe and Mr. Mueller

    What is "wrong" with anything that i typed? By far the largest turnover of any administration ever, EVER... Did the Republicans get any indictments/ convictions of the Clinton's? ANY?!? Mueller has gotten quite a few so far and the hits are going to keep on coming. It is a long, long way from...
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    Young people can't pass military fitness standards

    THey have been saying for a few years now that sitting in front of a TV/computer is the new smoking disease. It is going to take a bit to get us out of the very sluggish lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to.
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    McCabe and Mr. Mueller

    How do you even come to that conclusion beside total partisan blindness? How many indictments, charges, convictions has Mueller obtained so far? Unlike the years/ millions wasted investigating the Clinton's. Speaking of swamp tribe, the cabinet that Trump picked has some really stellar players...
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    Back home

    How do you eat it with chopsticks? :D
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    Back home

    I would second that request, for myself of course.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    That is exactly how my opponent played this too. I scrambled to stop him and had him but on his last move to exit I rolled 6,6 and that was that...
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    Liberals want a Second American Civil War and America to look like California

    What lesson is that, politicians are full of crap? Something that happened nearly 30 years ago? They lied to the Native Americans, yet you do not say a word about that. Why is that? Because at this point your argument has very little to do with reality maybe? How many congress's have there been...
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    Tournament Food Poll

    Most tournaments are held at a Hotel that provides a Continental breakfast. I voted that a catered lunch meal be provided. This way gaming can proceed throughout the whole day and then break up in the evening so that all can stepout and enjoy a dinner together in smaller groups. JMO.
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    CBO report 2017 deficit was $665 billion... 2018 will be $804 billion... 2020 $1T- good work conservatives!

    This is all politics. The R's are pushing a Phase II on tax cuts in order to get the D's to go on the record in which way they will vote for further tax cuts. They plan to use that vote in the midterms against them either way. They have also introduced a bill for a balanced budget amendment...