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  • Well it powered on and I just got a black screen and mouse. And wow! I've never opened up my computer before! I feel like I might need a hazmat suit when I do so.

    Also, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a lot of fun! I'm currently working through my first game post tutorial and I got a real crummy starting spot lol! I also lost my first army to a spider (1 friggen spider!) And then my sovereign was KO'd in a duel! Lastly, the opponents are already at 2 cities apiece and I'm just at one and barely chugging along thanks to powerful monsters occupying spots right by some resources and my enemies just blocking my path to anything half decent lol!
    Sorry to hear that. Do you mean Windows didn't load? If the PC physically started okay - i.e., the BIOS loaded fine, etc - but Windows wouldn't start, it could be a software problem, or maybe even a HDD problem. If the BIOS wouldn't start, it might be a hardware problem. The other day I had a problem with my old PC where it wouldn't boot up at all - no BIOS or anything. All I would get is a buzz alert (i.e., the monitor didn't even come on). The buzz alert indicated a faulty memory module, so I pulled them out one at a time and re-set them. It fixed the problem. A friend of mine said that it was probably a BIOS glitch due to a weak BIOS battery. Makes sense because my old PC hasn't been used in a long while. Point is...I forget. LOL!
    Thanks! And yeah I'm going to be looking into video cards that work with the power supply. Sadly, my computer just had trouble starting. First it didn't start, then when it did I tried the whole restart repair thing which didn't do jack for over 2 hours. Now I restarted it again and am running anti-virus checks as the start-up this time was horrible, and took 5+ minutes at least!! Need to get my school work off of it in case it goes to ****.
    I took a look at your PC and you have a good setup. You have a 300W power supply and room for a PCIx16 video card. I tell you: if you add a new video card, your PC will be able to play most games just fine. Onboard video is a killer for most games since it lacks the horsepower of a dedicated video card.
    Oh it is. And I love the intro. And I checked about updating the drivers and actually found a great page detailing the ins and outs of my computer! My Comp. And cool! I'll check it out as the last updates for my drivers came out in 2009 lol!!!
    Borderlands is one of the few truly good games out there. No judging. :) BTW: as for updating your video drivers, if you have an AMD or a nVidia video card, all you really need to do is go to their websites and download the driver updater. It will take care of the rest for you. If you don't have one of the big two, you might want to check out a program like Slim Drivers: It will automatically scan your PC and update all drivers as necessary. Been using it for about six months and have had no complaints accept that it occasionally keeps telling me to update drivers I have already updated (the devs say this is a quirk due to the way Windows records version driver numbers).
    I have something to admit. I am stupidly excited to be able to play Borderlands. There! I said it. Judge me all you like!! :hissyfit:
    Did you hit Stardock's tech support about your desktop issues? I know you probably did this already, but just in case: did you check your drivers? Are they up to date? It looks like a graphical glitch due to a driver issue.
    Turns out FE:LH works on my laptop lol. A bit laggy but it works. Still would rather play it on my main computer however.
    I would recommend Legendary Heroes as it has a great foundation. It is the best one of the Elemental series so far.
    I mean in the sense would you recommend the game at all still and which one since Legends is a stand-alone?
    What type of recommendations? You mean for Legendary Hero? I liked 1.4 but the diplo AI was broken. 1.5 was released earlier this week but I haven't had a chance to give it a try yet so I don't know how much better the AI has become (Wardell said he re-wrote large parts of the diplo AI for 1.5). Overall, though, I think Legendary Heroes is the best game of the franchise so far.
    I've recently been thinking of getting the Fallen Enchantress game and just noticed your post about Legendary Heroes. I need some recommendations.
    Dropped this humongous post over at the BGG about getting the younger generations into the wargaming hobby
    I saw that the other day browsing their store! Quite a deal to have the entire series but again, it's Matrix and I'm not holding my breath on the price sadly :-(
    Yeah! I actually had no idea it was going on until I saw this and put two and two together when I saw Spike running a "show" about the Xbone (named as such by a user on another forum :p). And I'm just flabbergasted at EA's and a few other companies who think it's a great idea to charge players and keep them from selling, trading, and letting others borrow their games. That's just unfvcking believable.
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