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  • No problem!

    And yeah I still can't believe it because the manga was just so much better...

    And it's going well. Been busy as hell though. I got by my midterms in decent shape but probably got canned on one :( French is getting to the difficult phase now and I have 3 papers due within the month totally to about 24 or so pages and all are research papers so I'm not particularly excited about that lol. I've been able to reign in my bad sleeping habits so now I'm doing much better haha... yeeish. Only one more semester to go hopefully but I need the college to send me my graduation paperwork which they have yet to do afaik. I also joined the history Phi Alpha Theta which is some countrywide organization for history majors in undergrad and grad schools so that's pretty cool. I just wish I had more time to take more classes because there is so much to offer here but not enough time to check them all out.
    Hey Scott, I remember that you liked Claymore up to its crappy ending. Anyway, I went looking for a song where it sounded like metal was played during a battle scene and came across a playlist of the show's soundtrack. It's actually pretty good music listening to it without the show to interfere. I thought you'd like to listen to it as well. It is 34 songs in all.

    Claymore OST
    Indeed!! I would say that at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the games there have me in the "will purchase someday" mode. And they are all the types that will suck up vast amounts of real life time. Have you purchased any from there?
    That was the first time I visited that site. Some great stuff on it and found a couple of classics I played as well. Sorry to remind you but... Master of Magic. Honesty... what's with these old games suckering me in!
    Battle Chess is a classic. Not surprised it is on GOG. Battle vs Chess is the modern remake. Not sure how good it is because it is hard to find in the States. :(
    Was referred to this site and one of the first games I came across was Battle Chess Special Edition.
    Haha I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. Though I have more respect for Steve Carell's reenactment and ability to play the flute than Drew Brees but I still thought it was pretty cool. Btw, what's with Saints being all over the place!? o_O
    Ah well now I know! That'll probably be my first series of games this year then... maybe. I'm currently trying out the Dominion demo without using the manual and man it's a bit difficult haha... Like the music tho! And I agree about the battles, soooo much potential but no sauce really. Even if they look like STW I'd like to be able to control my troops! Also the fact that you need to print the manual and no tutorial included in the demo is pretty frustrating. For a game that's nearly 60 bucks I'd expect much more like you said but it's map and atmosphere I quite like. (That means the music is really nice :p.)
    Yeah, that's it. And DC was the last official relic expansion as the now defunct Iron Lore made Soulstorm (and did a mighty fine job, too).

    I hope the forthcoming DoWII expansion manages to bring back some of the magic of DoWI. The original games were so great and entertaining.
    Ah so I have to get all the games to get all the races? Sounds fair I suppose. And yeah all the reviews I've read about the series say that Dark Crusade had the best campaign and was the overall best expansion. (I actually thought for a while it was the last addon because of all the high praise haha).
    From what I recall, no. Soulstorm would give you the Sisters of Battle (a cool race) and the Dark Eldar and that's it. If you want IG, you would need Winterstorm...or whatever it was called. Dark Crusade gives you Necrons and some other race (Tau?). Basically, each expansion was really a race pack more than anything else, albeit I did like the risk-like campaign in Dark Crusade.
    Haha agreed. And so the extra units that come with each expansion wouldn't be available if I just bought soulstorm for sp play as well?
    Actually, I never cared for the campaigns either. No, I mean all the new units that came with each expansion pack was well worth the money. If you really like DoW 1 - and who doesnt't? - I would get all the expansions.
    That wasn't too late. And do you mean the campaigns? As I just want to do the single player skirmish mode vs. the AI. I played most of the original campaign when DoWI first came out but just played online and single player skirmish for most of the time. So I've refrained from purchasing the series. Not to mention I just got a look at my booklist for this semester and probably will only buy one guy (did download a TON of demos tho). Been pretty busy lately though with RO working on my computer so I haven't gotten to the other demos yet :laugh:
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