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  • Obama promised the "fundamental transformation" of this nation...and he is delivering on that promise. This man is taking us from a post-Constitutional soft tyranny into an outright hard tyranny police state. And, not surprisingly, congress is more than happy to stand on the sidelines and let him do it as long as he doesn't interfere with their re-election bids. Congress is acting like the feckless Scottish nobles in Braveheart while Obama is acting like Long Shanks.
    Hahaha watch until the end. Best punchline yet. Daily Show Slams Obama's Domestic Spying Program
    I'm glad you liked the artwork! I know I didn't place a few in there from my main favorites area but overall there are some really good SF artists on DeviantArt.
    I've got a BUNCH of science fiction pieces in a folder on my DA account. Figured you'd like looking through them.
    Oh it really is an old site. I've been having issues with it for the past few years as well. And thanks! I agree as well! :D As for Space Dandy, I'm having to agree with you. Though I didn't see the latest episode, the Ramen episode was the only good thing about the whole show and like you, it still had a bad first half of the episode. The 2nd half was some of the best I've seen in the recent crop of anime (most of which is pretty bad or probably not up your alley lol). And oh yeah I very much agree with the setting! It has a TON of potential with it and I absolutely love the radical alien designs they have. I don't think I've ever seen that huge of a diversity of alien designs since... Star Wars!! (And most of Star Wars' designs are humanoid.) And yeah, both of Watanabe's shows Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo had an amazing blend of comedy and serious moments which were very good. This show just has way to much over the top stuff.
    That is indeed very strange! Dunno what happened either!And a commission is paying an artist to draw a picture you requested. The price depends on what you want in it. Mine was $70 because I wanted Makoto and Spike colored as well as the rest of the jazz lounge but everyone else to be in B&W silhouettes. Very much agreed about Space Dandy. The 2nd episode so far, had a classic Watanabe moment with the old ramen vendor. That was a very good scene. The thing that this show could do is utilize all of the background aliens at Boobies (god I can't believe they're bombing us with that place -_-). Lots of potential there. I'm really hoping it sobers up at some point. And the character that makes me laugh is the robot, I would be like her, I'm surrounded by idiots!!? I'm surprised that they went that route! Really sad to see them go that route though not surprising. & True! Very few games only survive if they have a humming mod community and or an online option.
    Don't know if you heard but NorbSoftDev announced Scourage of War: Waterloo in a podcast on the 11th. Thought you'd like to know :)
    Woohoo!!! Check out the piece I got commissioned last year at a local Anime convention! She just finished it and mailed it to me!
    Hmmm... I'm not gonna say that I didn't care for it buuut, it starts off soooo radically different from his other shows he's done (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Kids on the Slope) that I was really unprepared for it. I'm not going to lie, I'm finding myself hoping that the premier was like the first episode of The Tower of Druaga. But if it isn't then I am hoping Schinichiro goes with his usual storytelling which has never been a let down. So in the end I'll still probably watch the show. I mean it's just the first episode and I usually don't stop a show until about episode 10 or 12 if I don't like the show.
    Did you get a chance to watch Space Dandy?? I was able to catch it myself and uuuhhh... it had some good parody moments but left me in a kinda.... hhmmm.. in a wtf did I just watch moment...
    Hey Scott, thanks for the well wishes. I lost Dad in Oct. (15th) very unexpectedly. Has been very hard. Have not been here in a long time. Glad to see you are still around, I've always enjoyed our exchanges. Hope you and your folks are well and have enjoyed the Holidays. We went to Cali to my in-laws(which is always a wonderful time) and got back a few days ago. Thanks for being a friend Tort, in a time that I have needed every friend I have. God Bless, Bill.
    LOL!!! No worries! It happens, this site has several hot zones and everywhere else is pretty cool. And I am trying to put stuff into a few others when I can, like my RPG thread I just posted, and hopefully add somethings to the board game section later this year if I can manage.
    Oh and just saw the +rep you gave me. Lol it really does look like a panty line to me. I mean if that's what it is... then who seriously renders that kinda thing! It looks like she's wearing a rope under there! *shivers*
    I do too but to assume non-Japanese people won't understand it is a little silly. And I really agree with their use of rain, but then again I love rain so I always like it ;) . I also notice that their sound effects are top notch all around. And lmao so true! It really does! Or for some reason all the streets and sidewalks are wet at night! XD

    And hell yes! I posted up info about it in the anime thread. I'm so excited!! Hopefully I'll be awake when it airs! Also, if this debut does well in the states I hope it revitalizes anime here and pushes anime to earlier times rather than 1-4 in the morning.
    I like the idea of #10, but then again I am a lover of rainy days. :) That is something else I notice about anime: they seem to make better use of rain as a mood setter. It always seems to be perpetually sunny in American media.

    Did you hear about Space Dandy, from the creators of Cowboy BeBop? It is going to be on Toonami this Satuday. Global premier from what I understand.
    Thanks for the article! A nice little read it was! I have noticed all of those tropes at one point or another.

    #1. This exists in pretty much every anime taking place in a high school setting.
    #2. And I have too, I always liked seeing snippets of everyday life in Japan in animes. On top of that you almost always hear cicadas at some point as well.
    #3. Probably the most obvious trope ever, especially in romance/harem animes.
    #4. Makes sense.
    #5. Ramen to Japanese is like Hotdogs/Burgers are to Americans.
    #6. Actually if anyone watches a decent amount of anime this insult is pretty easy to get the gist of.
    #7. That or is a super hot babe with big boobs!
    #8. Can be a scene/mood killer most of the time imho.
    #9. Never knew about this one though I admit, I thought it was kinda cute lol!
    #10. Waaay too obvious.
    I got squashed in my first game because the starting position was so horrible! And now in the second game I'm expanding like crazy and gaining debt like it's 2009!! And it seems to be working okay for now. Had to do a few more virus scans though to be extra safe in that area. But so far so good the past 2 days.
    I am glad you are enjoying LH. It is a fun game. Stardock finally got their game together! How is your other PC doing?
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