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    Elite: Dangerous

    I agree with the community consensus: the 2018 updates are more exciting than the new content added in 2017. :) To be fair to Frontier, you can tell that with the addition of the Thargoids, Elite: Dangerous is finally "feature complete." Now Frontier has time to go back and flesh out the core...
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    5150: Fringe Space

    Well, I have to say that this is quite unexpected. I actually found a RPG that I like! And best of all, it is a solo experience! Anybody here ever try Two Hour Wargames' 5150: Fringe Space? It is really a lot of fun! I purchased it from The Wargame Vault after looking around for a game...
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    Elite: Dangerous "The Return" Release Date Announced

    Looks like we have a release date for the last content drop, i.e., v2.4, for Elite: Dangerous "Season 2." Greetings Commanders, We’re very pleased to announce that Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will be released on Tuesday 26 September. On launch day you’ll be interacting with the most...
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    Lock 'N' Loaded's World at War

    Good question! I haven't heard anything about it since they announced it and released that Youtube video of the gameplay around 2014. I was looking forward to it, too. Sorry, no news that I can find.
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    ED Living on the Edge IV: Meta-Alloys Mania

    Addendum: On the way off of Merope 5C, I discovered an "unknown probe" point of interest. The description makes for interesting reading:
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    ED Living on the Edge IV: Meta-Alloys Mania

    It's been a long trip, but now it was time to harvest what I came for: those elusive meta-alloys. But where to find them? I knew they were in Merope, but which planet? Time to consult Canonn Research Group to learn all I could about "barnacles" and the meta-alloys they spawn! My research...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Elite: Dangerous' beta for 2.4 ends Monday, so is the Galaxy's Green Dawn here on Tuesday? Probably. I better grab my meta-alloys and hightail it out of the Pleiades Sector fast. Don't want to get caught behind enemy lines!
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    Elite Dangerous: Living on the Edge III

    When last I wrote, I had set Fitzcarraldo down on planet 1F of Pleiades Sector LS-T C3-12 for a night's rest. Fortunately, no space bugs confronted me overnight. So, I decided to deploy the SRV again and take a look around. As with Hades Sector YJ-Z B5 5, this planet was just another...
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    X4: Foundations Announced

    So, X:Rebirth didn't get along so well. Not only was it released about two years too soon, but even after Egosoft patched it to a good state, the core "X" community didn't appreciate its more limited gameplay as compared to previous "X" titles. Well, this announcement and talk by Egosoft...
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    Post Your Screenshots Here

    I think it is time to start a new screenshots thread. So, what are you playing? Show us! To get this thread started, I'll share one. This was a screenshot I took in No Man's Sky. Yes, that No Man's Sky. I have to be honest: with the most recent August patch, the game is starting to take...
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    DVG Phantom Leader PC

    Looks like fun!
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    ED: Living on the Edge Part II

    The great expedition continues. In my last journal entry, I had set down upon the tiny ice moon of Hades Sector YJ-Z B5 5 for the night. Well, the next morning I decided to take the old SRV out to do a bit of exploring. Wow, my ship, Fitzcarraldo, looks imposing from behind! Cool. I drove...
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    Elite Dangerous: Half Way There

    The great voyage has begun. Step. By step. By step. I stuck to the plan I formulated at Andree Arena. Item #1: Purchase an Asp Scout, a vessel more fitted to the rigors of deep space exploration. Here she is, my hulking beaut now christened "Fitzcarraldo": I never had a double-decker...
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    Elite Dangerous: Living on the Edge

    Being a pilot in a galaxy that spans 400 billion star systems is certainly an edgy profession. Most denizens of the galaxy readily acknowledge it as such. The problem with that description, however, arrives when you ask just why it is considered to be so “edgy.” In the vast majority of cases...
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    Elite Dangerous: Fool's Gold

    Continued.... I did get a bit nervous as their were lots of other miners around, including this fella who got a bit close: Fortunately, the police presence was strong and quickly dealt with all troublemakers. Well, I think they were police even if I didn't see any badges. I looked like I...