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  • "And if he just wants to torture them endlessly, he reads yours :)"

    Heehee :thumup:
    Hey Mr P - feel free to use everything I put on the forum - definitely why I posted it. Let me know what else I can add. I'd like to strongly recommend a voting process be put in place before the contest starts, and also recommend a blind judging (i.e. no names on the entries). I think it would make the contest most interesting that way. I have some additional reference material but not sure how much is "required" to make the contest workable. I could, for example, provide the OOB info for a Canadian infantry battalion in .doc form from my design handbook and perhaps Steve S. or yourself can synthesize all the research "stuff" into one pdf package? I don't want to sound like I'm giving orders or anything - just trying to be helpful - but at the same time don't want to sound like I'm taking over either. Or at the same time making suggestions and then running away...feel free to email me at if you want and it might be the best way to discuss.
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