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    6.5.0 Crash. Kind of...

    Just been on the server and had a crash (ish). An observer lost his internet connection and was booted from the server. Tony and I lost all the counters on the board. Tried saving and all we had was an empty board - the save file shrunk from 20kb to 2kb too. Must. Remember. To. Save. Frequently.
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    suggestions for introducing PTO to ASL players

    +1 for Jungle Fighters as a PTO intro. Gets you used to a little bit of PTO terrain and the Japanese characteristics...plenty of opportunity to banzai :)
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    Scenarios 'featuring' OVR

    J43 3rd RTR in the rain if the defender sets up behind the walls in front of the cornfield....
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    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Hue by Mark Bowden, Thin Air by Richard Morgan, The Clown Service by Guy Adams and I’ve just finished rereading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.
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    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    Yep, first series was excellent, second one is pedestrian and stumbling. I’m watching The Good Place and Our Girl on BBC I player via VPN, plus trying to finish Shooter . Loved The Expanse and Altered Carbon.
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    Old Monkeys with Typewriters content criteria

    As one of the main protagonists for MwT1, along with the late Kerry Smith, I'd love to gather together everything from it (and the subsequent MwTs) in one place. I have the original scoring file, Michael Dorosh's research material, plus a half written article about the concept which I was going...
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    World Cup? - Why hockey is better

    Neymar. What a f#cking embarrassment to the game he is.
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    World Cup? - Why hockey is better

    Cricket is just baseball for non Americans. I played county cricket as a kid and i still love watching it. It's a game of concentration and skill and at the end of the day at a professional level, small margins...the biggest difference i found playing at a higher level was that you don't get...
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    World Cup? - Why hockey is better

    Both great games. I took my son to see USA vs Canada hockey in Queenstown on Thursday evening and we get up at 545 every morning to watch the World to celebrate it all. I can even appreciate netball
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    NE England

    Going to be back visiting the wrinklies for 3 weeks and may try and for in a game if anyone plays near Newcastle? May also try and get up Aberdeen for a lightning visit, depending on how mad the old folks are when I get there and how much they can be left to their own devices! email is ian at...
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    What do you Dread the most when playing ASL? (Game Play)

    L'Herrisson. Don't ask...
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    Spigot Mortar

    Need to somehow condense it all down, rule Z6 is too long to reproduce and too obscure to reference and there arent any spigot mortar counters anyway! Or I could always take the easy way out and just give the Japanese a single (or two?) guaranteed 20fp mortar mission in any AFPh to simulate it...
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    Photos of Budapest (part 3, cogwheel railway)

    Awesome job on all 3 sets of pics. Bringing ASL to life...
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    Spigot Mortar

    Doesnt look like it. No LOS needed, just roll for accuracy , looks like LOS only matters for losing HIP status. Tentative scenario title 'Dustbins at Dawn'.
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    Spigot Mortar

    Thanks guys, looks like Kakazu Ridge mortar caves is the way to go... I'd assumed it was a 320mm mortar and it looks like they were present in Burma. Source book is Ian Lyall Grants Burma The Turning Point. Now to work in a scissors bridge and a bulldozer..... 'A Mortar Cave may attack only in...