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  • "In these times of strife, I find that killing a homeless person or fisting an emu tends to calm me down."

    "If you think that's what MFL was saying, you're way more of an idiot than you come across as."

    I don't think that's possible.
    True but I didn't recognize it from that although I should have. The fiberglass was the dead giveaway.
    There aren't many people that I can't get along with in any format particularly in an on line forum (easy to ignore idiots and trolls) but something about that Tater guy rubs me the wrong way.
    "I'm wondering how the **** you got highered [sic]."

    Don't make fun of his spellin! :angry:
    "No kidding. Buy hey, as long as you don't cuddle, right?"

    Dirty homo! :angry:
    The long, rambling, poorly expressed and spelled concession speech...I take it the power went out and you had to slither out of Mommy and Daddy's cellar and they made you mow the lawn, change your underwear or some other personally unpleasant chore before you were allowed computer privileges again. Of course, someone who lays claim to posting on an internet forum as a "posting career" probably made quick work of the distasteful chore(s) in order to "get back to work".

    How pathetic.
    Interesting you fall to the Gamesquad version of Godwin's Law by referencing your clear soul mate in content and style. Much as I would love to continue what is surely passing for a pleasant conversation for the likes of you, I find it distasteful attempting to engage in a battle of wits with so clearly an unarmed... 'man'.
    If I cared beyond seeing if you would react like the only other person I've nicked...surprise! you did...:bored:
    As I knew Ian quite well and always enjoed the games I played against him, as for scott yes he is an asss and deserved my neg rep
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