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    It really baffles the imagination. It’s easier now to wrap my head around how Nazi Germany* came to be after seeing straight up propaganda and super obvious lies thrown out and gobbled up by a significant amount of people. * not trying to invoke Godwin
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    Another Witch for the pyre...

    All the hoaxes!!!!
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    Impeachment defenses

    This is what happens when the accused literally announces what they’ve done wrong and his followers can’t comprehend it.
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    Honoring their sacrifices

    Santa Clarita. Only ~350m off :)
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    Impeachment defenses

    We are negan
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    Impeachment defenses

    While we all know that Trump is committing criminal acts in general, impeachment isn’t a criminal trial. The 6th amendment is irrelevant.
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    The British European Referendum

    It’s kind of like the people that want it think it’s up to someone else to do the suffering for their choices.
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    Too late to save America?

    The pod people... they’ve captured Bill!
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    Did you read it, or just the propaganda surrounding it? Anyone that reads that and thinks there isn’t a quid-pro-quo isn’t working within reality. If you think trying to get dirt on an opponent from foreign governments isn’t impeachable, then fine. But arguing there isn’t a quid-pro-quo is...
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    Trump booed at World Series

    A sad day when Sand Bar Bill can randomly get called out by the crazy homeless man wailing in the alley and rolling around in his feces....
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    Provided a doctor’s note for his “bone spurs”. But well, well in advance.
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    Handgun at ASLOK

    Parts of the USA, too.
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    Trump - a symptom or cause?

    I don’t know how you got the impression that I support(ed) trump. I agree there’s lots of brainwashing — which might also be an excuse, I suppose. But, my point was that since there are only two choices, one has to go with a lesser evil approach. If your opinion is that voting for someone who...