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    The British European Referendum

    If they’re anything like the tabloids here, I don’t know how anyone could really think otherwise (in relation to reality). But maybe yours are different than ours.
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    The British European Referendum

    But you’re just posting articles from tabloids and saying “here’s a good read”.
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    Fancy Booklearning

    Even relatives aren’t safe there.
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    Trump/Munchin promises more tax cuts in 2020 - the GOP loves free government

    Hey, the Gaslit Community doesn’t mind if they have to pay for their own bonuses and then some if it means they keep more of their money!
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    Simple way to avoid being called a racist

    You are that backwoods redneck... Also, it’s clear that they’re talking about “Christians”, like yourself.
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    The British European Referendum

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    The British European Referendum

    Wow, it even looks like a tabloid. I went to read the article out of curiosity. One article over was a story about people getting fucked over by their builders. And then it went into how there was “Polish food” in the fridge, etc etc (obvious xenophobic hit piece on Polish laborers - the...
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    The British European Referendum

    Didn’t take long to figure out that’s a propaganda “newspaper”.
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    China trade war

    Probably some prices that don’t go back down because people were willing to pay them anyway.
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    Two peas in a pod - Epstein and Trump

    But.. but..... THE DEEP STATE!
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    How can you vote for a president who says "Jews who vote for Democrats are traitors"????

    Nah, it’s what you get from watching Moore, who is also part of the problem. He’s a not-nearly-as-bad version of Trump when it comes to facts.
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    Rewarded for manslaughter

    Sickening. I sincerely hope that anyone that donated dies alone and afraid, and soon.
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    "I am the chosen one"

    Evangelicals that follow trump are cultists, not Christians.
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    "I am the chosen one"

    “Maybe we’ll be saved by cheeseburgers and fries” gave me a laugh.