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  • "Was it Rupert Murdoch in the FOX News offices using a healthy dose of misinformation?"

    Sadly can't you rep back at the moment - I'm not "in the scene" as I used to be, but still like most of it ;)
    Doggie is definitely on a short leash. He & some friends used to harass Aries/Les the Sarge/grumpywargamer when he was around and got banned regularly. So at least he was good for something. ;)
    A bans OK as I am away for the next five days anyways. 1 day working :-( and 4 days at Heroes :)

    Tate baiting is only worth a 24 hour ban I recon. Anyway Mila18 everyones a legit target
    "The weight is over?! Is this a clever way of saying Pitman passed on???"

    You're an anti-obesitest! :angry:
    Thanks for the comment. It made me laugh out loud. Now everyone is staring at me like I am the nutter on the bus. :D
    "How about almost 3 years ago? ;)"

    That's some of the hijinks that used to go on around here. :)
    No sweat; I actually didn't see your message for some reason until you mentioned you had already said that...
    "As an observation, this type of response is somewhat humorous coming from a strong IIFT advocate."

    Ooooh! Point to the gentleman from San Jose! :clap:
    Bianca Barnett

    Unlike that pretty boy, Chas Argent, I care enough to provide the name of my hoochies. ;) I used to call them Psycho's Hos (for hottie or skank) until some numbnuts raised a fuss over the name. It's a joke, dude. Get over it already. :(
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