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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    LOL: I did press the ms into taking a Sharpie around the edges of the black ss counters. gives them an extra sinister look
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    What was your "moment?"

    yes, I think of those crazy random dice events as "fate" in conflict might be use sound tactics but it don't always work I thought you gave up dice throwing
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    Nor'easter Cancelation

    sad days indeed, the apocalypse is truly upon us. there are no weeping/temper tantrum emojis to add to your post. I will be in the basement loading magazines and counting beans if you need me but to be clear: I love you guys and support your decision. be safe and I'll see you next year
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    too funny. after all the years of whinging about the French OB, MMP produces an excellent updated and expanded treatment and we still got'a whing: campaign game, Free French counters, map art...
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    Really? "Closed due to Political Content"

    "hail mary full of grace... our father, who art in heaven...," wait: is this act of contrition offensive?
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    Really? "Closed due to Political Content"

    wait a minute! no more pinups? OMG, and I thought the Wuhan Cough was bad
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    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell

    I love the PTO and usually bid IJA except vs. Gurkhas or the USMC. usually when I play IJA vs USMC the emperor's men end up shredded by superior firepower but this scenario really give the IJA a fair opportunity to hold'm off. so when the dice gods gave me the IJA I was confident that with a...
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    Pleva dice towers

    I've seen that thing: pretty sweet action on the dice and quite. but got to work on the aesthetics
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    What was your "moment?"

    Love At First Sight! I played a lot of Panzer Leader in college but it always left me wanting more. wandered into a local game shop early '90's and saw bright yellow and orange RB, Beyond Valor, and Paratrooper all lined up smartly on a shelf. I looked at the graphics and read the back of the...
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    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell

    what: DB136 is on the Noreaster play list? why, we had no idea... I think it will be a popular selection
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    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell

    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell is an awesome scenario. Sven and I had a blast playing this one. it is such a great scenario. it is destined to be a Classic we diced for sides and I got the defending IJA vs USMC. played on a relatively small part of board 37, the USMC win by...
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    The ASL Book Club

    The White Sniper: Simo Hayha (2016) is an quick and interesting read from a Finland Defense Force officer and sniper Tapio Saarelainen. The author spent a lot of time Hayha who remained humble about his exploits his whole life. "I did what I was told to, as well as I could. There would be no...
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    DtF2 Blitzkrieg

    I took 2 FT, a MMG, and LMG's. I think Ted took 60MTR, 37* (w/crew), 2-3 ATR's, MMG, something like that. French have a lot of ground to cover but I was real surprised that there was nothing on the hill in the center. I expected to see something, even dummies. I thought there had to be...
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    Italian OOB

    I can buy this kind of argument. there were certainly some fine units fielded but they can be easily be represented by SSR: +1 broken moral
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    DASL 34 To The Last Man

    I'll come down for a game Vic. every time we have play it has been a blast