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  • Let's play ASAP. We could play Baw Drop, the new scenario that will be coming out in Journal 9, which has three groups of attacking IJA squads trying to take a small village and obtain five supply canisters dropped by random at the beginning of the scenario. The defenders are some British Chindits. I have the scenario card and a print out of the new map #62.
    We should get T-shirts made that say "Gray Finns Suck!"

    Wear em to tourneys... :)
    From AP decade of War

    Far from Home
    Desobry Defiant
    Shouting into the Storm
    Sat Sri Akal!

    from SP16
    Beaufort's Feast
    On The Road Again
    Bottchner's Corner

    From Rally Point 5
    Ghosts At Meximieux
    Roger-Roger.... I'm stoked! so far it might just be you and me and Kelly... Russ might join us on the way back
    Hey Keith. want to play that "Pot of Stew" next week?

    I can come up on Monday (10 ish) or you could come down on Wednesday ( same time)

    get back at me
    "whos the cute kid playing w/the monkey?"

    Don't make me fling poo on you! :angry:
    Roger that I'll come up on Tuesday , lets say ' bout 11. We can play Speed, Shock, Surprise from "the Bunker". I'll take the SS

    as for friday we can figure it out on Tuesday

    talk to you soon
    April vaca is comin right up! I can play on the 20th(Tuesday or the 23rd (friday)

    I can play either, or both, days-- if you're willing to come down for one of the games.

    keep in touch
    Warning order-- --For deployment to Noreaster!!

    Meet me at the Park and Ride lot, just off exit 47 of the ME Turnpike.

    I'll be there around 0930 Friday am want to leave by 0945 --which puts us in Boxborough by Noon

    Thanks for the nice rep. I was a little intimidated writing up a report on such an old sceanrio - that the real vets must have played 1000 times.
    Better 3 ;)
    Thanks for your kind words.... I just hope you will realy like it!
    All the best;
    That's a bigger boy than I've got! Woah!

    The Gamesquad message function doesn't want me to include pictures for some reason...

    If you check out his Dogster page there are a few recent ones:

    If you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see the most recent shot of all three of our Berners.
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