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    Your favourite possible hypothetical scenario/CG

    In the same vein - Invasion of Malta.
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    The ASL Book Club

    In Frank's Downfall there was one approach on framing and perspective why the atomic bombs were thought to be necessary. I thought one of the most effective things Hornfischer did in TFAFT was another maybe more persuasive one from a "putting yourself in their shoes in understandable today...
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    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Here, here. This remains probably the best naval history book I've ever read. What really helps is very good maps and diagrams, having to do with Parshall's day job ISTR in software and graphics. The chapter Why Japan Lost, on the Japanese strategic thinking and perspective is a book's worth of...
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    My New Coronavirus-Proof Gaming Attire

    Does that permanently place you under a concealment counter?
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    Ok - so lots of us would probably do this if we had the cash................

    Fantasized several years ago about having an M3 HT - with winterizing of course, to drive to WO in, in a blizzard - think the State Police would let me through. Plenty of PP in back for ASL stuff.🆒
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    Corona Virus and ASL

    Wonder how the server held up with all that. My Tues quest for TP came up box cars, no access after 4 Giant/Martin's, 3 Dollar stores and a Walmart. Try again tomorrow. Feels like buying bread in the USSR in the late 80s. Interesting article on TP makers...
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    Pleva dice towers

    Haven't found the height thing to be an issue in use. Rather have the dice not come out of the tray.
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    Pleva dice towers

    Couple years ago I got dissatisfied with my dice tower and went looking for a replacement and found a nice one for reasonable price on Amazon, got it in short order. Just checked and guy in Tennessee still making them. Good throat - can use my big dice in it without hang-fires. Tray is high...
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    The French in ASL

    Just watched Ritterkrieg box opening, guess I misunderstood, but Pitman's color scheme was more or less followed and then some - FF have a Cross of Lorraine also. British squad structure followed though. Haven't got mine yet, but will. Thanks again ASL for destroying any attempt at trying to...
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    Gamer's Armory and MMP forge new partnership

    Very glad for MMP, very glad for Scott - you can set your watch to his service level. Appreciation and credit to MMP for the capacity to critique themselves and take action to improve - in all of our interests.
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    AAR - Crickets In Spring - AP131

    Been wanting to play this. Good review. My favorite part: Use of footage from the classic "Beginning of the End" which had a pretty good MST3K send-up.
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    The French in ASL

    Best point of all, practical goes around the Brit US colors problem, and logical - French blue is always the good guys, shows the Vichy switched sides not the otherwise. Like the partisan logic as well. I imagine our French colleagues would better appreciate your color scheme to.
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    Mapboard 77.

    ASL mapboard release order, kind like Authur counting down when to throw the HHOA: 1, 2, 5, 3 sire!, throw.
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    Onslaught to Orsha

    In ASL terms: 10 PP, Passengers only, 2x MF to load/unload, CS n/a.
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    The ASL Book Club

    Reading Craig Symonds book "The Battle of Midway". This is the "Shattered Sword" for the American side. Just getting to the critical 5 minutes, but so far he does a very good job of laying out sequence of events and a lot of important detail about the good and the bad of American performance...